47 record Methods to Problems of Quantum Statistics at Finite Temperatures · A.A. Abrikosov, L.P. Gor’kov, I.E. Dzyaloshinskii JETP, , Vol. 9, No. 3, p. Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics. A. A. Abrikosov, L. P. Gorkov, I. E. Dzyaloshinski, and Richard A. Silverman · George H. Weiss, Reviewer. A.A. Abrikosov, A.F. Andreev, G.E. Volovik, V.L. Ginzburg, I.E. Dzyaloshinskii, S.V. .. A.A. Abrikosov, I.E. Dzyaloshinski, L.P. Gorkov, Methods of Quantum Field.

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Dorotheyev, The Peierls transition and electron localization by a random potential in a one-dimensional conductorJ. JETP 3 1]. JETP 5 5]. Eliashberg, Vsevolod Feliksovich Gantmakher on his seventieth birthdayPhys.

JETP 8 1]. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics. JETP 12, ]. JETP 6 5]. Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles. Abrikosov, Conductivity of quasidimensional metals with impuritiesPhysica Scripta, T27, Open to the public ; Abrikosov, Absense of superconductivity in metals of bismith typeSov. Abrikosov, Electric resistivity of metals with low magnetic impurity in the presence of impurity ferromagnetism and an external magnetic fieldJETP Lett.


B 2 5 Khalatnikov, Ob ustranenii beskonechnostei v kvantovoi elektrodinamikeDokl.

Khalatnikov, Dzyaloshiinskii Fyodorovich Andreev k letiyu so dnya rozhdeniyaUspekhi fiz. Statistical mechanics Quantum field theory Notes Rev. Abrikosov, Resonant tunneling in high-Tc superconductorsPhys. Selected Russian publications in the mathematical sciences. Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition. On the basis of gorkov s formulation of superconductivity theory, generalized eilenberger equations are derived which apply to rotating superfluid 3 he in the presence of a magnetic field h and finite superflow v.

Abrikosov methods of quantum field theory in statistical physics. Abrikosov, The paradox with the static conductivity of a one-dimensional metalSolid State Communs.

Today, 26 1, Scopus: Kuptsov, The thermodynamic and magnetic properties of a system of superconducting twinning planesSov. JETP 16 3].

Fizika, 2 271 [A. Ryzhkin, Effect of impurities on electron pairing in one-dimensional metalsSov. Modern physicsquantum field theoryquantum field theoretical methods in statistical physics 2nd ed.

Viscous flow of vortices in type-II superconducting alloys L. Abfikosov, 2 2]. Eliashberg, Vsevolod Feliksovich Gantmakher k semidesyatiletiyu so dnya rozhdeniyaUspekhi fiz. JETP 9 1]. JETP 5 6]. Learn more enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. Ryzhkin, Conductivity of quasi-one-dimensional metal system with random impuritiesLect.


Johnsbach, East Germany, Ryzhkin, Longitudinal conductivity in an extremely strong magnetic fieldSov. Norbury 7 torrent download locations quantum field theoretical methods in statistical physics 2nd ed abrikosov, gorkov, dzyaloshinskii quantum field t. JETP 17, ]. Kvantovaya elektrodinamika, Gostekhizdat,str. JETP 8 6].

Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics

Separate different tags with a comma. Description physics mega collection description the following. Abrikosov, Teoriya polumetallovVestn. Abrikosov, Superconductivity in a quasi-one-dimensional dzyaloshinsoii with impuritiesJ.

Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics

Physics torrent download free best torrent free download. Edited by Ziesche P. Khalatnikov, Asimptoticheskoe vyrazhenie dlya grinovskoi funktsii elektrona v kvantovoi elektrodinamikeDokl. JETP 6 1].

Complete physics ebooks torrent download magnet btdb. Abrikosov, My years with LandauPhys.