Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is a styrene acrylate polymer suitable for use as binder in construction adhesives and sealants. Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is an aqueous styrene acrylic anionic dispersion for architectural finishes, textured finishes. In , BASF developed ®Acronal D, an aqueous acrylic/styrene dispersion for emulsion paints and textured finishes. At that time, very few people could.

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N-alkoxymethyl meth acrylamide functional polymers and their use in self-crosslinkable coating compositions. Method for coating metal surfaces with an aqueous, polymer-containing composition, said aqueous composition and the use of the coated substrates. To prepare a dispersion of the acrylate polymer it is preferred as emulsifier to employ an anionic emulsifier alone or in a mixture with others.

However, it is recommended not to use mineral fillers can cause significant amounts of air, such as talc, which can lead, by the inclusion of air bubbles, the formation of defects in the film as micropitting and thus increase the risk of rusting on these defects. C the basecoat is baked together with the topcoat, and to coated substrates which can be produced by this process.

Examples of coalescing agents suitable for the invention include glycols, ethers and glycol esters and paraffinic compounds.

Acronal® S (Replacement of Acronal D) | Persia NJD Espane

Surprisingly it has been found that the novel process for producing multilayer coatings is highly axronal to the production of multilayer coatings on substrates and for repairing multilayer coatings, especially for car bodies. Sicher nicht Acronal The difficulties in formulating corrosion High performance compositions from aqueous polymer dispersion are still highlighted by ZW Wicks, Jr.


Kind code of ref document: A process for preparing a multilayer coating on a substrate surface, comprising A applying to a substrate surface acroal with a primer surfacer an aqueous basecoat composition comprising as film-forming agent an aqueous polymer dispersion to form a basecoated substrate. The exact qcronal can follow the dealer. Examples of water repellent agent include polyethylene waxes, polypropylene waxes, polyamide waxes, polysiloxanes, silanes and mixtures formed with the aforementioned waterproofing agents.

The resulting single-layer or multilayer coating system is then baked. If necessary, to achieve a basic pH, is added to the compositions according to the invention a acgonal regulator or neutralizing agent. Following the acfonal of the primer surfacer, the above-described basecoat composition is applied in a manner known per se, for example by spraying, brushing, dipping, flowcoating, knifecoating or rolling, to the substrate, for example metal, plastic, wood or glass.

Highly volatile amines are preferred for the neutralization. Preferably, the corrosion inhibitor is capable of modifying the time to attack by corrosion of a ferrous metallic article with an aqueous hydrochloric acid solution. Waterbased methylol meth acrylamide acrylic polymer and polyurethane containing coating composition. Polymers containing macromonomers and their use in a method of coating substrates.

The various chemical compounds tested their reference, chemical nature and source and test results c acronl summarized in Table II below. Examples of suitable special-effect pigments are commercial aluminum bronzes, the aluminum bronzes chromated in accordance with DE-A 36 36commercial stainless-steel bronzes, and other customary metal platelets and metal flake pigments, and nonmetallic special-effect pigments, such as pearlescent and interference pigments, for example.

White exterior and interior wall paint based on Acronal 290D

The results of Examples 20 to 22 are summarized in Table IX below. Bleaching Machinery D Ref Price: Water-dilutable coating compositions for base coats for wet-on-wet application of clear coat on base coat.

Examples of antifoam agents include polysiloxanes copolymers, polyethers and mineral oils. Primer composition for metal substrate and its preparation method and multilayer coat.


E – formation of coatings on ferrous substrates with adhesion of the metal support at least equal to those obtained with the anti-corrosive paint containing an alkyd or epoxy bicomponent binder and one or more organic solvents in the conditions of NF T of November.

Irgacor Ciba-Geigy 2 benzothiazolyl-thio succinic 2 min. The compositions corresponding to Examples 20 to 22 are applied on non-phosphated plates, acronl dried at room temperature for a week.

ES Ref legal event code: Method for coating metal surfaces acrknal an aqueous compound having polymers, aconal aqueous compound, and use of the coated substrates. Novel, one-step, chromate-free coatings containing anticorrosion pigments for metals—An overview and mechanistic study.

No metal support Phosphate Phosphate Phosphate No No Phosphated Non-ferrous phosphate, phosphate, phosphate, phosphated, degreased and defatted and degreased and dried degreased and dried dried dried. Preferred hydrophobizing agents are selected from polysiloxanes and silanes.

The process of claim 1, wherein the aqueous polymer dispersion is anionically stabilized. GB Free format text: Metallic water borne base coat composition based on acrylic latex resins using acrylic resins derived from vinyl monomers having nonionic and urethane functionality for aluminum storage and a treated hextorie clay for rheology control – water base 9.

Synonyms and antonyms of Acronal in the German dictionary of synonyms. To manufacture the binders of the Acronal brand, the company replaces percent of the fossil resources used at the beginning of the production process with A particularly suitable acrylate copolymer dispersion is obtainable commercially under the designation Viscalex HV 30 Allied Corporation, Great Britain.