A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore by David Grossman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore | Popular fiction | Italian | | The Italian Bookshop. ad un cerbiatto assomiglia il mio amore di david grossman. 2 likes. Book.

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It reminds me of the best of Russell Hoban and Gunter Grass. Ora hugs her knees, rationalizing that she isn’t all that accessible and permeable even to herself anymore, and that even she herself doesn’t go near that place inside of her.

The more that it happens, the more it produces a scrim between who the character is and what we are told the character is. You say goodbye to yourself even before other people start to, softening the bl They sit quietly, digesting. He saved her marriage the first time around. This is no understanding war, only surviving and witnessing and Grossman let’s us know that it can be done but not without scars and courage.

My lovely friend, Elyse, recommended this book through a review, and along with recommending reading it, she recommended NOT reading anything about it before hand.

I highly recommend this novel. She needed gentleness in her life. Harrystuart marked it as to-read Nov 15, The rest of it I can’t cerbiaatto other than a sick feeling in my heart that no one ever asks for it and it happens anyway. And the peace that Mr.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore : David Grossman :

Maybe I would not do what she does, because I simply do not have the courage, but I completely understand her. This moving story has a loose, allegorical significance to Tolstoy’s War and Peace and reworks the first line to Anna Karenina amkre remind us that all happy families are miserable in different ways.


In the book’s most harrowing passage, Ilan tells Ora how he tried to rescue Avram from an overrun Sinai stronghold. Leading Israeli novelist David Grossman b. If you are a person –who has a deep appreciation for walking in the woods with one other person none of this may feel slow to you All of that trying so hard and all of soniglia refusing to listen This cerbiattk happened to me! The questions that he asks are hints to the relationship that Ora, Avram and Ilan had as teenagers, lovers and best friends.

Trivia About To the End of the He knew they would and told her to leave if he died. However, there are small inconsistencies or confusions cerniatto are not fully explained, which can be frustrating at times. Mostly this is a novel about the quiet, intimate moments that add up to make a life. No trivia or quizzes yet.

I like that we don’t know for sure so much. Though Grossman wrote much of this novel before that tragedy, it fully informs and casts its shadow over the narrative. Both are in love with Ora.

Books by David Grossman. View all 36 comments. But there are parts where it gets long-winding, repetitive and seem a little off-track to the plot, which leaves you wondering whether the author lead you astray on purpose.

To the End of the Land

I highly recommend this novel. The second book is a graphic novel that Delisle wrote after he and his family spent in a year in Jerusalem while his wife worked for Doctors without Borders.

Grossman’s latest novel is exactly like the theme it deals with: Israele, guerra dei sei giorni. If the worst happens there will be someone left in Israel who knows him.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore by David Grossman (4 star ratings)

My main criticism is that the book needed editing: I liked the narrative amoge, how disjointed it could be. The husband and his friend served in the Israeli army in the war with Egypt in the Sinai Penninsula, and the friend was captured and tortured. The author obviously isn’t a “hawk,” and believes in the enduring bond between a parent and child. However, the devastation of constant warfare on a nation was clearly portrayed. The almost physical-mental struggle of Ora, Ilan and Avram with parenting is definitely one of the strengths in this book; with a lot of details, Grossman especially through the story-telling Ora describes the intense bond between the three parents and their children and their sometimes almost morbid worries; I have to admit that this touched a very sensitive string for me: But amkre intense and powerful — particularly the scenes of that first hallucinatory nightmare day with Sami in his taxi with the briefly new upholstery, and as noted above, Avram’s story and his arc.


So there is both way too much, and way too little, to satisfy the reader. Walking the land, sporting the two backpacks that Ofer and Ora had packed for their trip, Avram and Ora try to reconnect to who they once were, as individuals and as a couple. Much of the writing is beautiful, and the unique and passionate character of Avram is the strongest element of the book. If you are curious to understand more about the book please see the discussion below.

View all 86 comments. And there are times when you get frustrated with Ora, with for all her maternal generosity her cerbiattp self-centered blindness to the pain of others — to Sami’s pain, to Avram’s pain, to her sons’ pain.