Adoniram Judson biographies, American Baptist missionary to Burma. Adoniram Judson, Jr. (August 9, – April 12, ) was an American Congregationalist and later Baptist missionary, who served in Burma for almost forty. Adoniram Judson. ( – ). Apostle of the Love of Christ in Burma by Eugene Myers Harrison. THERE IT WAS — the site of the historic Let-ma-yoon prison.

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A printing press had been sent from Serampore, and a missionary printer, George H. While living at Amherst, he became exceedingly burdened for the salvation of his boatman. Judson frequently went on extended preaching trips to villages scattered through the jungles.

Then began the third great epoch in Judson’s memorable pilgrimage. Then, he gave up the whole attempt as artificial and decided that, regardless of his dress, no Burmese would identify him as anything but a foreigner. Judson College in Alabama is named after his wife Ann and a dormitory at Maranatha Baptist University carries his name to inspire young ministers.

Adoniram Judson – Wikipedia

Judson was a very precocious boy. Thank you for your feedback. That night, said Judson in a letter written soon thereafter, “we have marked as the most gloomy and distressing we have ever passed. This was due, in part, to the radical difference in structure between Burmese and that of Western adonniram.

As he tried to compose himself, the dreadful cries from the next room continued. His father, a Congregational minister, cherished the niography hope that his son would follow in his footsteps.


This was the case for their first three years in Burma. He grew up in a devout Christian home.

Judson, Adoniram (1788-1850)

In his first tract for the Burmese people, written inhe included this sanguine prediction: Some have used Judson’s acceptance of a role in the treaty negotiations as evidence of complicity in imperialismbut it should be noted that he first acted on behalf of the defeated Burmese as translator, not for the Western victors.

The redeeming love of the blessed Saviour! It took Judson 12 years to make 18 converts.

They were peremptorily ordered out of India by the East India Company, on the expectation that the missionaries would interfere with its nefarious trading practices. On shipboard his views on the necessity of faith before baptism changed.

Oh, the love of Jesus! The sufferings and brutalities of those 20 long months and days in prison, half-starved, iron-fettered, and sometimes trussed and suspended by his mangled feet with only head and shoulders touching the ground is described in detail by his wife, shortly after his release. His contemporaries considered Judson one of America’s greatest missionary leaders, and his colorful adventures, publicized in press and pulpit, helped stimulate the missionary spirit in Protestant America.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Byten years after his arrival, membership of the little church had grown to 18, and Judson had finally finished the first draft of his translation of the entire text of the New Testament in Burmese.


Ann Judson died of complications of smallpox later the same year. Warburtonand C. Ko Tha Byu was no sooner baptized, when he set off into the jungle alone to preach to his fellow tribe members.

Adoniram Judson |

The following entry from his diary is typical: The first two exceptions were extraordinary. When his father sought to argue with him, he quickly demonstrated his intellectual superiority, but he had no answer to his mother’s tears and solemn warnings.

On October 24,Ann died at Amherst now KyaikkamiBurma, a victim of the long, dreadful months of disease, death, stress and loneliness that had been hers biovraphy 21 months.

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Adoniram Judson

Astonishingly, he found them prepared for his preaching. Years went by without a judsoj convert, but he refused to be discouraged.

In he visited the United Statesand on his return to Moulmein ; judsonn Mawlamyine he completed and published his Dictionary, English and Burmese. The freed slave, Ko Tha Byu, was an illiterate, surly man who spoke almost no Burmese and was reputed to be not only a thief, but also a murderer who admitted killing at least 30 men, but could not remember exactly how many more.

Made strong in His love!