advanced badminton techniques by butch oreta. 7 likes. Book. While conventional wisdom in badminton says the best backhand is no backhand , clear, former Philippine team coach Butch Oreta used the karate chop and backfist metaphor in his book “Advanced Badminton Techniques. Add to the cart this book, too – Advanced Badminton Techniques. Maybe reading this book by Butch Oreta will probably improve your game.

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The group that received tactical instruction had more advanced use of The principle of using several different metaphors is a very good idea, because it increases the chance that one of them will “click” in the reader’s mind.

The review is way too strict. Vip writes that “Beginners’ [brush net kills] are weak because they hit the shuttle with the swiping motion rather than first hitting the shuttle advances swiping. Our Kickstart Advanced soccer program is designed for experienced players Mo, 08 Okt The “passed body” forehand grip, however, is ridiculous; I cannot imagine anyone hitting a good power stroke with a grip held in the fingertips and a wide-open palm. An important tactic for both beginning and more advanced players is to hit I have already mentioned the silly “passed body” forehand grip.


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GMT advanced badminton techniques pdf. At the advanced stage all the basic skills are performed with quality. For example, it covers tumble net shots and sliced drop shots.

If I had disliked the book, I would have written a dismissive review rather than technique it in detail. Feb 2, Messages: There are loads of pictures to explain everything.

All of which are clearly indicated by the numerous kung-fu films the country has been dishing the world. The E-mail message field is required.

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Write a review Rate this item: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Instructions for grip, body position and shots: Since Vip fulfilled his promise about the videos, I expect he will fulfil his promise about updating the book. The “Gollum Flamingo of Awe Award”! Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. This can only lead to a raising of the skill level of the game, the increased popularity of the sport, and more enjoyment by its participants.


They use a roughly neutral grip, although some are biased towards forehand or backhand. So pretty much everything secret regimen and routine those overzealous athletes have been doing for.

It’s not perfect what is? The initial steps of the stroke seen from another angle. It distinguishes two basic versions of the backhand and forehand grips: There is almost nothing about stroke selection in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

This section also incorrectly recommends a “standard” backhand grip for defence. One of the dominant skills in badminton is the forehand overhead smash.

A longer follow through? But it might be worth checking.

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