Advanced Marathoning has ratings and 69 reviews. Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning plans are best used by the more experienced runner. for all but. With the latest in science-based training, shows how to race faster, train for multiple marathons, and surpass your goals. Find the latest information on training. I just wanted to see if anyone has used the schedules that pfitzinger gives This will be my first attempt at the marathon, but not my first time at.

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To access your digital products go to the “My Courses” page here: Scott Douglas is a freelance writer and editor with more than 15 years of professional journalism experience related to running. Health Care for Special Conditions.

Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning – , Running tips

The lowest mileage could work well for you, but only if you’re an experienced half marathon runner that incorporated over distance training runs. For a training book, I found it to be comprehensive covering schedules, workout structure, cross-training, race strategy, recovery, and nutrition among other topics. Marathon is also one of those sports were genetics and personal conditions make hard to establish an absolute judgement over best training patterns. The recommended length of his marathon program is 18 weeks.

Who is Pete Pfitzinger? This one sounds interesting! But I loved the medium long runs. This is another feature of the plan that I find particularly attractive. I recommend this book for any runner who is looking to do more than “finish” a marathon What I like best about the schedules is the mileage maxes out at three different levels, so if you are interested in topping out at 50 miles a week there is a training schedule for you.


Many factors can affect your marathon success. Covers everything from diet and core exercises to the training plans and race day itself. I’m glad I checked the book out from the library and didn’t spend my own money on it.

Excellent resource for marathoners. However, beware the risk of Overtrainingand the lack of recovery that may devalue your efforts.

marathoniny I felt really ready for my race. There are also recovery plans and multiple marathon plans. I am certainly a fan of the medium long runs as well! Helpful training regimes are provided at the back for those undertaking different weekly mileages. I like how he explains WHY he does things the way he does- that helps me better understand purpose of workouts and I can execute better.

Advanced Marathoning 2nd Edition – Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas – Google Books

International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. Get the latest news, special offers, and updates on authors and products. Strength Training and Conditioning.

I frequently found the early workouts to be intimidating, though — there are maratoning substantial MP long runs early on that I never felt ready for and usually skipped. This is most likely to be too intense, but depending on your level of fitness and commitment the lower mileage plan might work for you.


Pfitzinger shares tapering strategies. Comparison With Other Marrathoning Main article: Published February 7th by Human Kinetics Publishers first published Feb 21, Jacklyn rated it liked it. Want to Read saving…. Recovery, 5 miles Sunday: These training schedules will have you racing at peak speed, whether you’re targeting one race or several during the season. Several running pals managed to break sub-3 for the marathon with the help of this book.

Modifications I would drop some of the Recovery Pitzinger in the higher mileage plans and use of those days for rest. Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport.

Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning

I like the recovery weeks and the mix of workouts, and definitely like the recovery plan after. I wish I’d discovered this earlier! Supplementary Training Chapter 5.

Pfitzinger gives you the training guidance to hit those mileage totals and get the most out of your training. Do you want to run a marathon as fast as you can, without putting your life on hold?