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AFI , Military Personnel Records Systems, or by other base-level records systems as authorized by the affected individual) and authorized for file in the personnel record groups by AFI , AFI 2. Study AFI’s flashcards from william finucane’s USAF class online, or in Brainscape’s iPhone or Android app. WAPS Testing > AFI’s > Flashcards The below changes to AFI , dated 1 December , are AFI , Deployment Planning and Execution and AFI

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Airmen in the grade of TSgt extending under paragraph 6. Limit extension period to a maximum of 24 months. NCS Airmen will not be authorized additional extensions 38802 the initial 24 month extension.

AFI’s Flashcards by william finucane | Brainscape

Airmen with more than 36 months of obligated service are NOT authorized to reenlist. Complete and sign a memorandum. The MPS ensures the requests comply with all general limitations and requirements. Also apply to disability retirements.

Administrative Changes to AFI36-2606, Reenlistment In The …

Last 24 hoursLast 7 days 6, Last 15 days 7, All jobs 9, If disapproved, reference paragraph 6. They stated that it doesn’t matter so much if your spouse is on your orders, as to whether or not they’re eligible to be on your orders. Airmen also acknowledge that a written appeal may be submitted to the MPS within 5 workdays of the acknowledgment date. The MPS will advise the unitcommander on the final decision.


Last Jump to page: Airmen may, if otherwise eligible,reenlist according to Table 5. Airman remains ineligible for length of 4N the maximum allowable MCM confinement for the same or most closely related offense. I found our building over at the 17TW by the back gate.

However, you will not be allowed to stay in the dorms at 366 because you are receiving BAH. When an existing extension not yet entered is subject to cancellation according to paragraphs 6. Airmen may not extend under this rule if they refused to obtain service-directed retainability or declined PME.

Air Force adi Lt.

You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Document extension cancellation on theARMS copy of the original extension.

Imagery Analysis Retrain – Page 87

Limit extensions to one Process an 33802 increments. Updatethis code on FTA 6-year enlistee 63 has completed 55 months on current enlistment anddoes not hold the grade of SrA. Involuntary extensions do not count as obligated service on the next reenlistmentand do not count towards the maximum number of months authorized as outlined in paragraph6. Eligible Airmen are authorized to extend to receive this bonus, provided the Airman has a service-directed reason to extend as shown in Table 6.

If an Airman has between 25 and 36 months of remaining obligated service, they can reenlist for 3 years. These searches might also be of interest: The commander makes recommendations by completing AF XfiSection VI, enters disapproval rationale in the remarks section or on a separate sheet and sends the form and any attachments to the Sfi. Review ARMS to ensure a copy is available then destroy after 3 months. Airmen may use this extension option even if they require less retainability.


If the Airman enters the extension in a different FY from when they signed the form, ensure the Airman understands leave may be lost. The restrictions outlined inparagraph 5. Extensions for Service-Directed Requirements.

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Extension may be Airman of the cancelled if Airman is not Year selected. The Airman extended for an assignment to include to accept retraining or a special duty and departed for that or any other location.

Lengthy-service Airmen who are non-selected under the SRP may request extension of enlistment in order to obtain minimum retirement eligibility refer to paragraph 6. Never miss a job. Certifying the Airman is performing duties within theAFSC and specify any duties the Airman is unable to perform if applicable. Retention after completion of 18 ormore, but less than 20, years of serviceTitle 10, U.

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