After God is Dibia. Igbo Lecture. Igbo Lectures & Poems s & Poems. By Friends of Emeagwali. Comment: With an introduction by. Chukwurah Filip Emeagwali. After God is Dibia: Igbo Cosmology, Healing, Divination and Sacred Science in Nigeria v. 2 by John A. Umeh, , available at. Get this from a library! After God is Dibia. [John Anenechukwu Umeh].

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After God is Dibia: Vol. 1 by Anenechukwu Umeh

The leopard was then to wait until the hunter arrived, when he would pay him the ls and to this the leopard agreed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Better as a reference than read straight qfter, on account of the authors wordy, purely ornamental style.

Iss Preview See a Problem? Published February 1st by Africa Research and Publications. The delegates left home for the human world with the good news, divine words of consolation and instruction on the new divination system that would replace the uncanny vision and audition of the lady sage of divination.

This book proves aafter Dibias are still with us who have preserved and still practice the African spiritual cosmology called AFA. This meant a saving of eight hundred rods to Effiong; but he was not content with this, and directly he heard the report of the gun he ran out from where he had been hiding all the time, and found the leopard lying dead with Okun standing over it.

Nov 09, Nnedi rated it it was amazing. This site uses cookies. The following is a parable from the Oraifite community of Igboland. Most importantly, Igbo prayer was almost always never done empty handed, and placed a good fod of responsibility on the part of the person doing the prayer to follow it up with the right actions and deeds that would lead to its fulfillment.

The hunter then went to his friend the goat, and borrowed two hundred rods from him in the same way. O sibe, O dika a ma elisi God bestows gifts as though these benevolence would remain endless. Just a moment while we sign you in to atfer Goodreads account.

After God is Dibia | Odinani: The Sacred Arts & Sciences of the Igbo People

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Lists with This Book. Paperback2 pages. Balogun marked it as to-read Jul 22, Parables are alot like mythology, but mostly deal with moral lessons rather than answering questions of origins.

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After God is Dibia: Igbo Cosmology, Healing, Divination and Sacred Science in Nigeria v. 2

E lisie, o dika a ma eweta ozo He allows or rescinds these gifts as he considers appropriate or expedient.

I return to it as my source book. Ndi Igbo Igbo peoplelike other ancient people around the world, created mythology to answer basic questions about how the world was created, where their people came from, and why things are the way they are in the world. The following myth deals with the origin of Afa divination.

The goat was thus left master of the situation and started bleating, and this noise attracted the attention of the leopard, who was on his way to receive payment from the hunter. Effiong also went to his friends the bush cat and the cock, and borrowed two hundred rods from each of them on the same conditions, and told each one of them that if he were absent when they arrived, they could kill and eat anything they found about the place.

Then in very strong language Effiong began to upbraid his friend, and asked him why he had killed his old friend the leopard, that nothing would satisfy him but that he should report the whole matter to the king, who would no doubt deal with him as he thought fit. And now, whenever a bush cat sees a cock he always kills it, and does so by right, as he takes the cock in part payment of the two hundred rods which the hunter never paid him.

O sii nwata, jide nkakwu, ya ga-ekunye mmili o ga-eji kwo aka Anyone who makes a child commit a crime will have to bear the consequence of his action. She lived to a very ripe old age, serving humanity and God with her clear vision and uncanny audition.

Just wish there were other comparative studies done on this subject. At last, however, he thought of a plan, and on the next day he went to his friend the leopard, and asked him to lend him two hundred rods, promising to return the amount to him on the same day as he had promised to pay Okun; and he also told the leopard, that if he were absent when he came for his money, he could kill anything he saw in the house and eat it.


Chukwunonso Udeh marked it as to-read Jan 06, On looking round, however, he saw some corn on the, ground, and, being hungry, he commenced to eat. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Ezinne Ibe marked it as to-read Feb 20, To ask other readers questions about After God is Dibiaplease sign up. This the bush cat did not like at all, so, as he was not big enough to fight the goat, he picked up the remains of the cock and ran aftre with it to the bush, and so lost his money, as he did not await the arrival of the hunter. Every one in the country knew him, and one of his best friends was a man called Okun, who lived near him. Ubosi kpatalu nu nya likalie The day that fetches more benefits than others deserves to have more of those items of benefit.

To the Ewe, its also called Afa. As does the second volume in the series. Ute wfter ekpere prayers. When the skin was well cured the hunter took it to a distant market, where he sold it for much money. Izu gbajulugwo o kaalu nti Secrets and malevolent plants at some point in time, may be revealed.

So the bush cat went up very softly behind and pounced on the cock and killed him at once, and began aftwr eat him. Directly Okun had gone, instead of burying the body Effiong dragged it inside the house and skinned it very carefully.

Additionally, she heard, with the help of her mystical third ear, xibia was, what is, and what will be. Francesco Di Giuseppe marked it as to-read Jan 06, The Urhobos call it Epha. However, unlike many unenlightened people today, they were not naive enough to take these stories literally, and understood them to be symbolic.

But though Effiong had borrowed the money from Okun, he could not think how he was to repay it on the day he had promised. It served as a direct link to a la mmu o the spirit land. Msmith marked it as to-read Aug 13,