Criticisms of postmodernism, while intellectually diverse, share the opinion that it lacks . Alex Callinicos attacks notable postmodern thinkers such as Baudrillard and Lyotard, . Alex Callinicos, Against Postmodernism: A Marxist Critique Drawing on philosophy and cultural history, Against Postmodernism takes Alex Callinicos argues, reflects the disappointed revolutionary generation of ‘ Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more.

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Late Capitalism and Postmodernism: Drawing on philosophy and history, “Against Postmodernism” takes issue also with some of the most forthright critics of postmodernism — Jurgen Habermas and Fredric Jameson, for example.

But it is most distinctive in that it offers a historical reading of these theories. Not a quick read but great. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Paperbackpages. The origins of this theory are located in the philosophy of Nietzsche, specifically the ‘fiction’ of the subject, the plural nature of the self and the idea of ‘will to power’, and how thought is simply expressive of this power.

Particularly politics in the last part of the book. This implies a principle of individuation which is denied in poststructuralism. We also see the reactions to modernity posed by Nazism and the various responses to reactions incl. Request removal from index. Sep 15, Phillip rated it did not like it. The Aporias of Poststructuralism. You could not be signed in. The Jargon of Postmodernity. The term bollocks in the title of course relates to nonsense.


This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Table of contents Reviews Features Introduction.

Against Postmodernism

Return calinicos Book Page. Jul 17, Michel rated it it was ok. This relativist framework structures much of the ‘new sociology of knowledge’, ‘alternative epistemologies’ and anti-realist conceptions of the relationship between the knowledge of indigenous peoples and scientific knowledge. Knowledge cannot be separated from its social context. What kind of literary style would you cultivate?

Aly rated it liked it Oct 30, Therefore, any system or statement that tries to communicate truth is a zgainst play, an effort to dominate other cultures. Paul rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Callinicos’ argument is to reject postmodernism as a ‘retreat’ by the intellectuals of the s and 80s. Postmodern philosophy is also a frequent subject of criticism frequently for obscurantism and resistance to reliable knowledge. The modes of resistance advocated here fall incredibly short.

This is a wide-ranging Marxist critique of the many forms of post-modernism. Very quickly, the ideals of the Enlightenment were rejected by those who claimed to be pluralists and democrats. Best critique of post-modernism around. Autonomy, Indifference, and Postmodernism.

Criticism of postmodernism

At first it seemed Callinicos was going to discuss postmodern art, but the most of the book focused on philosophy and politics. Nature, 9 Julyvol. Firstly the concept of ‘modern’ is explained as the sweeping up of traditional societies by various events: Description It has become an intellectual commonplace to claim that we have entered the era of ‘post-modernity’. It challenges the idealist irrationalism of post-structuralism. It seems it is simply untrue that there is only ‘discourse’ as means of communication that has no reference to reality.

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This switches in Chapter 2 to an understanding of modernist art and commodification.

It is best read as a symptom of political frustration and social mobility rather than as a significant intellectual or cultural callinicox in its own right. Robin Usher – – Routledge.

Full text available at: If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Renowned for his works of Marxist theory, in this book Callinicos develops his arguments into the highly topical area of post-modernism. The Limits of Atainst Reason. Conversely, philosopher Roger Scruton criticized postmodern humanities and some elements of postmodern art yet never broadly attacking the entire inventory of varied postmodern projects.

Against postmodernism : a Marxist critique / Alex Callinicos – Details – Trove

According to Wheen, postmodern scholars tend to critique unfair power structures in the west including issues of race, class, patriarchy, the effect of radical capitalism and political oppression.

But it is most distinctive in that it offers a historical reading of the theories of such currently fashionable thinkers as Baudrillard and Lyotard.

Yet this is analytically contradicted by Foucault’s borrowing from Nietzsche of the concept of stylisation, the self as a callinicox of art that is ‘created’. Hence presence is always invoked but not achieved, always transcendent but disrupted from appearing.