Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 6 by J.-K. Huysmans. Against the Grain by J.-K. Huysmans. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Against the Grain [J. K. Huysmans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. À rebours (translated into English as Against Nature or Against the. Charles-Marie-Georges Huysmans ( – ) was a French novelist who published his works as J.K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans. Huysmans’ work is considered.

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Then he could easily imagine himself living a hundred leagues removed from Paris, far from society, in cloistral security. I thought perhaps that I ought to have stuck with the original theme that had played on my mind on finishing the book, a kind of Jesuitical meditation on the senses.

She more energetically awakened the dulled senses of man, more surely bewitched and subdued his power of will, with the charm of a tall venereal flower, cultivated graim sacrilegious beds, in impious hothouses. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see huysamns Urban points out in his exhibition catalogue of East European Decadent art, that “The figure of the monk symbolised asceticism, but also isolation and solitariness. He was raised Catholic by his mother in Antwerp. View all 5 comments.

Des Esseintes fascination with monks Otto M. This tampering with things already “perfect” kills the very poetry they already possess.

A tale of 19th-century…. From a literary point of view, you could assemble from the details of his library a reading list more erudite and filled with “the consoling beacons of ancient faith” than anything compiled by den Grossenlistengenerator Steven Moore view spoiler [ it’s telling that it could be said, even then, as now, that the compilers of such lists like the work of one of Des E’s idols, Ernest Hello have often “affected inordinate pretensions of profundity.

Des Esseintes moves on to date a ventriloquist, whom he makes lie out of sight and enact odd, symbolist dialogues between statues of a chimera and a sphinx that he bought for the occasion.

If the hero of this novel had a more anglo-friendly name, it would be the byword for hyper-neurotic aesthete dandies, as Sherlock Holmes is in the world of detective. The story ends there, with an appeal by Des Esseintes for pity from a God he only vaguely believes in.

Her bracelets, her girdles, her rings flash. Against Nature by Joris-Karl Huysmans. You are commenting using your WordPress. Oxford World’s Classics edition translated by Margaret Mauldon I finally read this properly in one go She is garbed only in gold-wrought thd and limpid stones; a neck-piece clasps her as a tje does the body and, like a superb buckle, a marvelous jewel sparkles on the hollow between her breasts. Jan Luyken was a Dutch lithographer and poet. His sense of identity is threatened–he has built it around these objects and movements, and his fondest wish is to keep them all for himself.


They turn the thinker into a self-prejudiced creature who is no longer willing to think or change, who has been so embroiled in the frustrating stupidity that surrounds him that it stops him in his tracks.

Against the Grain by J.-K. Huysmans – Free Ebook

Diamonds scintillate against her glistening skin. Around this form, frozen into the immobile, sacerdotal, hieratic pose of a Hindoo god, burned perfumes wafting aloft clouds of incense which were perforated, like phosphorescent eyes of beasts, by the fiery rays of the stones set in the throne. It is as if Huysmans had set out to investigate every possible form of orgy our senses can be exposed to, and had created des Esseintes as an alter ego with the aim of living those experiences vicariously through him in a kind of Jekyll and Hyde parallel.

Or even tried to relate it to Proust, given the parallels between the des Esseintes character and Proust’s famous Baron de Charlus, both said to be modelled on the real life Robert de Montesquiou.

The idea of therapy is to take things againzt are hidden within your brain–biases, prejudices, hangups, fears, hab Huysmanss hipsters are right: His early works had been Naturalist in style, being realistic depictions of the drudgery and squalor of working- and lower-middle-class life hujsmans Paris.

Oct 08, Sam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although he had surrendered to his servants the second story of his house, which he himself never used at all, the ground floor had required a number of pictures to fit the walls. It became perfectly clear to him that he could entertain no hope of finding in someone else the same aspirations and antipathies; no hope of linking up with a mind which, like his own, took pleasure in a life of studious decrepitude; no hope of associating an intelligence as sharp and wayward as his own with any author or scholar.

Against the Grain

He is not pursuing his own desires, he is not following his own thoughts and needs, and so he is never satisfied. Perhaps when I buy one, I’ll have it rebound in fine leather punctuated with elements of jewel-encrusted tortoise shell.

Des Esseintes is destined to climb as high as he had previously descended and to explore the mystical side of his nature, hand in hand with his author. This site uses cookies. Huysmans [Huysmans converted or reverted to Catholicism in Gustave Moreau’s Salome dancing before Herod [Click on thumbnail for larger image].


Initially it was unexpected but really it fits very well here: In the perverse odor of the perfumes, in the overheated atmosphere of the temple, Salome, her left arm outstretched in a gesture of command, her right arm drawn back and holding a large lotus on a level with her face, slowly advances on her toes, to the rhythm of a stringed instrument played by a woman fhe on the ground.

Against the Grain | work by Huysmans |

Jul 14, J. Published May 1st by Penguin first published Especially when he veers into Latin Ayainst theological manuscripts, a subject of which I have next to no knowledge or interest in. He may be as easy to hate and be disgusted with as easily as he hates and is disgusted with everything beyond his luxuriously painted and perfumed bower, but he does have some measure of taste that one cannot help but take note of, and perhaps even sympathize with.

On that day my object will be huysmanss However, by the early s, Huysmans regarded this approach to grakn as a dead end.

He was raised religiously, though some of his earlier works were very sensual and romantic. It was here that she was indeed Woman, for here she gave rein to her ardent and cruel temperament.

They change the world, they have an ineffable magnetism. It will appeal to anyone with an appreciation for good literature, art, and music. His style is remarkable for its idiosyncratic use of the French language, wide-ranging vocabulary, wealth of detailed and sensuous description, and biting, satirical wit.

Voltaire, one of the greatest of all French writers. Asceticism often results in unbearable visions of horrors and phantoms.

Well worth it, especially for the plush, precise, unexpected turns of the language, multi-phrase pile-ups on the Trans-European Translation Expressway. He quietly returns home, “having seen what he wanted to experience” — and feeling the fatigue of a long journey.

But when Herod’s birthday was kept, the daughter of Herodias danced before them, and pleased Herod. It will be something nobody has ever done before, and I shall have said what I want to say