a false case infamously known as the Agartala Conspiracy Case was filed and 35 Bangalee civil and military officers were accused of treason and conspiracy. February Revisiting the Agartala Conspiracy Case. Syed Badrul Ahsan celebrates the anniversary of the withdrawal of the notorious case. FORTY years after June , the Agartala Conspiracy Case instituted by the government of Pakistan against Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur.

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Thomas Williams, a British lawyer, along with local attorneys challenged the formation of the tribunal by filing a petition in favour of Sheikh Mujib.

Ali, at the end of a point of order in Wednesday’s session, said, “The charges against us read out on the first day of hearing in the case were absolutely right. Significantly, a number of DAC politicians, too, defended the parole idea, arguing that the issue of dropping of the Agartala Case and an unconditional freeing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman could be thrashed out at the RTC in Rawalpindi. Bangladesh to play Thailand on Sunday. The case for a mixed economy. It was not before January that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was implicated in the case.

At a point when the streets of Dhaka became a hot bed of turmoil, Sergeant Zahurul Haq, 17th accused casse the case, was mercilessly shot to death while conspigacy confinement in Dhaka Cantonment. In all, 1, Bengalis were arrested in connection with the plot in But the approvers on the witness-box declared that the government had compelled them by threat and persecution to submit false evidence in its favour.

‘Agartala conspiracy case was not false’

They were accused of involvement in a conspiracy to secede the East wing from Pakistan with the help of the government of India. An intriguing aspect of the story of the Agartala Conspiracy Case was the very large number of state witnesses and approvers arrayed on the side of the government. The general assumption was that the regime had embarked on a program to discredit the growing Bengali demand for regional autonomy through bringing some senior Bengali officers of the Pakistan civil service, as well as elements of the armed forces, into disrepute.

There has always remained the suspicion, a pretty credible one, that the case had been cooked up by Ayub Khan and his Rawalpindi-based government as a means of liquidating Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his rising Bengali nationalistic politics in what was regarded as a pure Islamic state for the Muslims of the subcontinent. Sergeant Zahurul Haq were honoured by the naming of a students’ residential hall of the University of Dhaka after him.


Pakistani intelligence constantly tailed him, and at one point held out clear, subtle threats to him. Breathing space for a new party? The dimensions of human misery Retrieved from ” https: During the point of order session, senior Awami League leader Tofail Ahmed recounted the days before and after the withdrawal of the case on Feb 22, In a statement issued in Dhaka, Pakistan’s Defence Minister, Vice Admiral AR Khan, informed the country that the Agartala Conspiracy Case was being withdrawn and all the accused in the case were being released unconditionally.

It was during this time that an officer of the East Bengal RegimentRauf ur Rahman, who was in league with the conspirators made an attempt on Alam’s life. Has regime change boomeranged? cojspiracy

Additionally, the efforts made by Donspiracy Ahad and Amena Begum, among others, to compel the regime into withdrawing the case, increased the government’s worries. Suu Kyi not used her position to prevent crisis in Rakhine: The case is officially called State vs.

From The Past Pages Of Dawn: Fifty Years Ago: Agartala conspiracy case – Newspaper –

However, because of the mass upsurge ofthe government had to defer the date. The question of poverty reduction in Pakistan — Akmal Hussain.

At Dhaka University and other campuses around the province, students deserted consppiracy classroom in droves and simply marched out on to the streets. More tellingly, he had used the name Bangladesh, and not East Pakistan, in speaking of the province.

On the following day 23 Februarya grand public reception was accorded to the accused at Paltan Maidan in Dhaka where Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was vested with the appellation of ‘Bangabandhu’.

Updated December 30, Pressure on the press A government-controlled body to run the affairs of newspapers is not in sync with the modern concepts of rule. The homes of Information and Broadcasting Minister Khwaja Shahabuddin, already notorious as the man behind the decree banning Tagore from the state media, and a provincial minister, Sultan Ahmed, came under assault.

Retrieved from ” http: A human rights audit — Hameeda Hossain. The case was entitled ‘State vs Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and others’. It was not before January that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was implicated in the case. Buoyed by rumours of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s imminent release, huge crowds of Bengalis milled before the gates to the Dhaka cantonment on February 21, the anniversary of the Language Movement of Agartala Conspiracy Case a case framed by the Pakistan Government in during the Ayub regime against Awami League chief sheikh mujibur rahmansome in-service and ex-service army personnel and high government officials.


The incarcerated Bengali leader tried drawing the journalist’s attention to him. Colonel Mustafizur Rahman, who years later served as foreign minister and then as home minister in the Bangladesh governments of General Ziaur Rahman and Khaleda Zia respectively, would deny that he had been responsible for cruel treatment to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in military custody.

Bangladesh Liberation War portal. Alam displayed great bravery and chased the would-be assassins; for this Alam was awarded the Sitara-e-Basalatthe highest award for bravery in action during peacetime. On the other hand, the fiery and widely respected Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, having overcome his brief flirtation with Ayub Khan in the early s, had taken a decisive step in garnering popular support for a movement to have Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his co-accused in the Agartala Case freed without any conditions attached.

Agartala Conspiracy Case accused Syedur dies

As time would show, the reality was to be something quite different. Nearly one thousand five hundred Bangalis throughout Pakistan were arrested by the intelligence force. The premeditated killing of Zahurul Haq, for so it was, was a clear hint agartlaa the desperation that the regime of President Ayub Khan had fallen into became of the gathering mass movement against the government in East Pakistan.

Some of them even broke down in court, leaving all those present in a state of shock. When the first arrests in the case were announced in late Decembernot a word was said about Mujib’s involvement in the conspiracy.

Two killed in separate incidents in Cumilla, Sunamganj. The decade of his autocratic rule came to an end. Ayub Khan’s goal was a snuffing out of Bengali political aspirations.