The Aghora books have been embraced world-wide for their frankness in broaching subjects generally In this third volume of the Aghora trilogy the Ag More. Aghora: At the Left Hand of God is the first book in the Aghora trilogy. Written almost entirely in Vimalananda’s own words, it presents events from his life, tenets. Posted May 29, This trilogy forms a portion of the story of the Aghori Vimalananda. An aghori is a practitioner of Aghora, the spiritual discipline that takes.

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His experience with Shava Sadhana and various other narrated tales, if observed carefully, are reconstructed folklore. Cant wait to get my hands on Part II. Perhaps this too is a duality we need to leave behind and see in the light of the deep wisdom it expounds.

Reminds me a great deal of a Tantrik Castaneda not a bad aghkra at all. I think one time read wasn’t enough, and it definitely requires a 2nd read. Very difficult to understand all the mysteries on this earth. Have you ever been wondering?

By admin on Dec 28, In Society. Jul 02, Pangaea Pangaea rated it it was amazing. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Aghora Series by Robert E. Svoboda

Sincehe has been lecturing, teaching, consulting and writing all over the world. He is the holder of a B.

There are never technical discussions about the teachings of shankara but his criticism of the achArya is generally based on popular tales associated zghora shankara.

It can only be read and appreciated Then there is nothing to fear, because the new personality is engineered to be totally surrendered to the Will ahhora God. While I read it with an open mind, certain things are almost impossible to believe. Wghora importantly, the whole larger than life personality of Vimalananda and his Gurus makes you read these books in bated breath. The series elucidates about the reasoning and philosophy behind some of the seemingly bizarre practices of Aghora that the society views with contempt and horror.


I loved the explanations and warnings provided also, overall, its an interesting read who has an open mind towards esoteric stuff and knows how to enjoy c Many of the traits you prize in yourself, and many of the qualities you hate, spring from your prakriti. If you want to get rid of the cycles of birth and death,if you want to do sadhana to meet your universal mother,if you want to see your supreme father then this masterpiece will certainly quench your thirst.

The third book in the Agohra trilogy featuring Dr. I am human, I make trjlogy. I feel lucky even to have read this book. Aug 26, Manikantan rated it it was amazing.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Though some of his practices as described in the book maybe disturbing or shocking aghorz read for some people, I thoroughly tfilogy reading the details.

There are a lot of things in Tantra and Indian tradition that we just don’t understand and mindlessly follow. He teaches at the Ayurvedic institute of Albuquerque, New Mexico, lectures around the world, and is the founder of Sushakti, a company providing Ayurvedic products. This book is a meeting with Aghora and that makes it such a refreshing read. The Greatness of Saturn: Try it out, experience it, and then you will know whether or not I’m telling you the truth.

The Aghora Trilogy: Three Books by Dr. Robert Svoboda « Namarupa

Rnanubandhana bondage to karmic debt as a concept returns many times throughout the book. Taken from the Vedic tradition, it honors the planet Saturn, who personifies time, limitation, loss, and all forms of adversity. Hidden Secret of Ayurveda. I wish I’d read it years back when I had been suggested the book.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Lists with This Book. When I picked up this book I assumed this would be a standard work dealing with the history, practise and philosophy of Aghora.

Aghora Series

Why did he disrespect shankaracharya? Triolgy not first time, i am hearing these stories, i have heard enough from my father regarding this studyand also from many other people, but the philosophy was never explained so beautifully. It is just so much more than knowledge on the Aghora cult. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Cannot describe the experience in words. Only the rarest of the rare beings could have ever written this book.

Apr 16, Pallavi Duffy rated it it was amazing. Written almost entirely in Vimalananda’s own words, it presents events from his life, trilovy of his philosophy, and highlights from his spiritual practices.

An enlightening window into the seemingly endless cycles of death, rebirth and the intertwinning of relationships which revolve around the universal laws of cause and effect. Dec 27, mwr rated it it was amazing Shelves: Also, he states that he is a follower of Pushti marga and naturally shuns mAyAvAda and its preceptor, shankara.

Home Categories Archives Log in. It’s as if Vimalananda is speaking to you. All the spiritual seekers belonging to the school of Bhakti should trliogy through this book in order to overcome Maya and go to the lotus feet of Tara,our trilogj Maa.