The practical objective of agrosilvopastoral (ASPS) systems, in areas fundamentally devoted to cattle production, is to produce goods, traditionally forestry goods. The Agro-Silvopastoral System (ASPS). terraces. Agroforestry practices in conjunction with pastoral activity have profoundly shaped the present-day landscape. RESEARCH, RE VIEWS, PRACTICES, POLICY AND TECHNOLOGY Agrosilvopastoral Systems: A Practical Approach Toward Sustainable Agriculture Ricardo.

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It is in such contexts that ASPS have been developed, which can be seen as the traditional human response to factors of unpredictability and low productivity. In addition, roots absorb elements from deeper soil laycrs and bring them to the sur- face, making them more available to the pasture.

Author Author Serial Subject. In the southern and western part of the Iberian Peninsula these land use systems have existed for many centuries, and are commonly formed by open evergreen oak woodlands, covering approximately 4 million hectares.

To increase the use of agricultural technology and to take advantage o f the technical services given by the national governments and in- ternational organizations. Therefore, it is proposed: The chestnuts that remained after harvest and leaves of chestnut trees function as an animal food source. Integrated landscape-scale approaches to the restoration, protection and management of dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems have the greatest chance of success.

It is estimated that aroundhectares of abandoned pasture lands are under fallows of different ages Miiller et al.

To intercultivate VTT in perennial crops already established or in the establishing process, replacing to a degree the traditional shade trees; g. TambiBn en Agroforestry Systems 1: Tree species identified i n pasture lands at E.


Trees supply organic matter to the soil through the periodic decay of leaves, flowers, fruits, branches, and dead roots. Pastures upon which livestock grazes involve more labor-extensive activities as does the forest area. Dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems are important for the very poor, providing a source of food and other essential materials in periods of food insecurity, such as during dry seasons or in the wake of natural disasters and war.

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It is not logical to think that trees integrating ASPS can replace forest plantations for pulp and paper produc- tion, but they can ameliorate local needs of timber and fuelwood.

The low economic viability of wood and crop productions in the Iberian Peninsula has also contributed to a traditional land-use serving a systesm of purposes to avail scarce natural resources in the best possible manner while fulfilling a range of necessities. By definition, ASPS is a collective name for land-use systems, implying the combination or deliberate association of a woody com- ponent trees or shrubs with cattle in the same site. Continuing to use www. Dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral agrosilvopadtoral face serious threats, including degradation, fragmentation, deforestation and desertification.

Sustainability of Agrosilvopastoral Systems

Over time, silvopastoral practices have profoundly determined landscapes, often leaving little space for natural occurring vegetation patterns. Agroforestry Today 1 3: You can choose to delete your My CABI account from your profile page, in which case, all your information will be deleted from our servers. The forest provides shelter and a place to rest for livestock Russo ; M. Advances in Agroforestry Rsearch, Preceedings. So, the minimum requirement to achieve this goal must encompass the productive, environmental, and economic issues.


These goods are used to solve immediate domestic needs, to provide for local needs, and also to Agroecosystem sustainability means profitable production without damaging the environment.

Ejemplo de Organization de Cursos Cor- tos. Velocity and size of water drops from tree crowns to plants or crops under them can cause damage to flowers and fruits. Agrosilvopawtoral Instant Access You are not logged in. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture Vol.

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Social, because the trees in particular timber trees represent a re- serve of standing capital which is a stability factor contributing to in- ternal security agrosilvopasttoral the socio-economic component of the system-the rural family. Keyword Advanced Browse all content Thesaurus. Forests provide timber and may serve as a food source M. In Serra da Estrela, high annual variation in temperature, i.

agroxilvopastoral This site uses cookies. Silvicultural concepts in agroforestry. Previous record Next record. These figures do not include non-forest wooded lands and other tree-based systems, even though these play key roles in many dryland systems.