Aikido has grown explosively since World War II. Koichi Tohei, a distinguished contributor to this development, is perhaps one of those most. Koichi Tohei Sensei demonstrating at the Los Angeles Aikikai in Some of those early aikidoka did much to spread aikido in California. Koichi Tohei at Ki Society Headquarters in Tokyo, c. And Ueshiba Sensei was adamant all his life that aikido is a budo, not a sport.

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He founded “Kiatsuho” which was based on using Ki principles as a healing method to maintain good health. He expressed his gratitude for my efforts then, but about a year later, his attitude changed.

Interview with Koichi Tohei (1), by Stanley Pranin

My impression was Tohei was attacked in earnest and that he defended himself admirably. And none iof these will be easy either.

Founder of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. I began my aikido journey in under Haruo Matsuoka and am honored to have been his direct disciple for the last 27 years. After his recovery from pleurisy, Tohei became convinced that it was his efforts in training his mind and cultivating his ki that had helped him to heal and recover.

To borrow from Mr. It is merely a skill.

Koichi Tohei

Tohei Sensei stated on several occasions that Ki principles such as “extend Ki” and “relax completely” leaving things up xikido the Universe helped him to stay safe during the war, as well as the eighty men under his command.


At the same time I was continuing my training at the Ichikukai [see the interview with Hiroshi Tada in AJ for more information]. George Ledyard Sensei has been practicing aikido for over 40 years and holds the rank of 7th dan under Mitsugi Saotome Sensei as well as shodan in Daito Ryu Aiki-jujutsu. I caught him off-guard in a kouchi-gari inside reap and managed akido get him wrong-footed, up on one leg.

Aaikido At the age of 33 years old, he went to the United States alone to spread the teachings of Aikido to the world. Just imagine that—people bounce off when you put out your arm. But it did resonate beautifully in a low D flat. Over 1, people from around the World attended the ceremony to say their last goodbye.

Get out of here! I know my inferences are a stretch, based on casual comments by two men who were once his juniors.

Interview with Koichi Tohei: Part 2, by Stanley Pranin – Aikido Journal

Current Status of Aikido Journal website December 9, The bout was unrehearsed and I have never seen anything to equal it. You may also like. If such a tiny person as myself was an Aikido expert, than many people worried that Aikido was just some kind of a fraud or make-believe I was only centimeters tall and weighed 65 kilos at the time. This is what Ueshiba Sensei always said. Ellis Amdur Personal communication. Related articles More from author.


Ueshiba Kisshomaruin his book, Aikidowrote: I made a point of taking him out for a night on the town that evening.

Koichi Tohei and Training in Japan by Stanley Pranin

Interview with Ellis Aikldo part 2 — The de-escalation of violence and the relevance of Budo May 13, About three years later, however, right before the cancer took him, he asked me again.

Physical illness is okay if not desirablebut it is unacceptable to allow illness to extend to your mind or your ki.

However, I could not just hold onto this feeling of lost hope. At one point, the cameraman, a tubby, lumbering middle-aged fellow with no fighting skills whatsoever, has a go at Tohei.

To my surprise, I found that in that state people who could always throw me before were completely unable to do so! At koichu same time, there was certainly no doubt that he had plenty of power in reserve if he ever cared to call upon it. With any caveats that partisans might offer protecting the inept man, etc.

Certainly, the Japanese would turn back to something that had been approved by the Americans.