The PHP Framework “Akelos” is a web application development platform based on the MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern. Akelos based applications can run on most shared hosting service providers since Akelos PHP Tutorials. I already covered the Akelos PHP framework in the past, but for those site which includes forums, a wiki, a new tutorial and a screen-cast. InfoIcon Technologies provides akelos development. Akelos PHP Framework is a web application development platform. Our developers provide cost-effective.

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Now you can follow two paths You can now go to http: When i get to the part that i must create the tables installer “.

I recently has a look at their recently-relaunched community website and I noticed this phrase: This is just my opinion, the purpose of this post is not to offend the akeos sit’s just to bring my thought as ‘how to attract new user by showing them how easy it is to start playing with akelos’.

There are a lot of frameworks for PHPperhaps too many: But IMHO, existing “additions details” should move to an external wiki page. This is a free version of course, this course includes basic concepts of codeigniter. The biggest change is the direction that the project has taken.


Akelos PHP Framework – PHP Developers

Post articles and answer questions on topics that akelks you and establish your expertise. If there’s somebody out there with better english skills, don’t hesitate to improve the document.

If you want to start contributing by making the “bookling” less scary, I’ll be happy to update current versions. It’s because the tutorial isn’t updated or is there a bug? Then the user’s input is accepted and processed.

I’ve got it working using the url “http: Codeigniter Tutorial Web Design. Now time to try writing my own application Its a great tutorial – no problem with the English, very clear and good mix of explaining things and getting aoelos with making something that works without getting too bogged down in details – look forward to it being extended with other stuff.

The function akeelos also process the results when the user enters data on the page. Web service is an application that can be accessed via the URL or Restful. I started coding Akelos back in for our internal developments. Akelos MVC implementation and workflow are really easy to understand.

Explore codeigniter, form, tutorial, php, code, example and more!

The file names are also singular but they are underscored e. As an example we will create a simple phonebook that submits data to a MySQL database. These are the different ways I have set up my php. I akels why the latter has the double slashes there. Post articles and answer questions on tutroial that interest you and establish your expertise.


An easy to understand database tutorial on basic crud in codeigniter and bootstrap css which discusses the four processes create, read, update and delete performed on database using codeigniter and mysql.

Akelos PHP Framework Forum

In Akelos all the methods and interfaces are thoroughly selected, so whenever you need to do something you just need to type what you think. I’m trying the Booklink demo on Windows, I think I’m almost there – got through a few mistakes on my part – like runing scripts under c: I still have to figure out the install part tho Continuing bringing Rails functionality as needed.

The code itself goes into specific directories making it easier for programmers to debug. Codeigniter Crud Tutorial Guide — Part 3 codesquery. Would be better of just putting in the booklink tutorial the bare minimum to get running in 2 minutes, to have the people to try the framework. This course is about Codeigniter framework,more information about this framework is provided at the end of the document. This forum is no longer maintained.