Aku-Aku, the Secret of Easter Island describes Thor Heyerdahl’s research at Rano Raraku & Anakena on their many giant stone statues. The book & later film . Results 1 – 30 of 60 AKU-AKU – The Secret of Easter Island by heyerdahl, thor and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. En el conocido etn√≥grafo y aventurero Thor Heyerdahl organiz√≥ una AKU AKU, en su momento un best-seller internacional, es un relato de los.

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Pero, de pronto, sus visitas nocturnas cesaron. The archaeologists came back from their reconnaissance tours with interesting reports. An Easter Island au with his pora.

Aku-Aku – Wikipedia

Twenty years later a Franco-Belgian expedition was landed by a warship and picked up again by another. Our camp at Anakena, on King Hotu Matua’s old landing site by the sea. We invited him into the lounge for a drink and ex- plained why we had anchored here.

Much of the book’s interest derives from the interaction of the expedition staff, from their base at Anakena beach, with the Easter Islanders themselves, who lived mainly in the village of Hanga Roa. Nuestro retroceso se realizaba con gran lentitud, mediante penosos e intermitentes movimientos.

On the basis of his fantastic success with Kon-Tiki, Heyerdahl was heavily financed with a ship, supplies, a team of sailors and scientists who went to Easter Island for a whole year.

Por eso los buenos pescadores no conocen el hambre.

Then the mayor suddenly appeared out of the darkness, wet and cold. Then we could arrive at the village of Hangaroa early next morn- ing with all flags flying.

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No archaeologist had previously investigated the Galapagos group, and therefore no one had found anything. However Alfred Metraux had already pointed out that the rubble filled Rapanui walls were of a fundamentally different design to those of the Inca. Suppose we had to go to an inaccessible rock or ledge, had we the means of reaching it?


Esas figuras las erigieron los “orejas-largas” en memoria de sus propios jefes. Heyrrdahl puede librarse de su influjo. One feels like a con- ductor busy eating spaghetti while trying to drive his orchestra through a rhapsody by Liszt. As a whole, the story is upbeat, optimistic, entertaining, and engaging.

Era un trabajo heyercahl. Here, of course, we should dig, so we marked out the campsite close by, on the flat temple square in front of the fallen giant’s head. The floor was cold earth, deep and rich from former refuse, and as hard as an automobile tire from the contact of a thousand crawling hands and knees.

How anyone could find the right heap of lava in that large stone-strewn area was more than I could understand, especially as Mariana had only been given the “address” of this cave by word of mouth.

Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island

When he could not persuade them to go with him, he shot them down. So I must get a boat of my own, a kind of expedition ship. With arms trapped, you feel especially helpless. Fueron por si solos.

Feb 12, Charlie rated it really liked it Shelves: This article is about the book by Thor Heyerdahl. Easter Island belongs to Chile. En la isla de Pascua todo puede esperarse.

Measuring an Easter Island head. The Mystery of Easter Island: Ya lo hice al venir a estas islas en una balsa. It hegerdahl have seemed to the Dutch- men that there was, in their own century, scarcely any place in the world so backward.

Puede usted resolver ese problema sin moverse de su casa, gracias a a,u vibraciones.

To measure an Easter Island head, one must be a good climber. They brought with them smallpox, which spread like wild- fire at once and made an end of almost the whole population, of even those who hid themselves down in the deepest ghor narrowest caves.


Well, there were enough of them in the eastern part of Polynesia. A mi todo el mundo me conoce.

Only Time Will Tell. A House in the Sky. There, too, I had heard for the first time old Tei Tetua’s stories of the man-god Tiki.

Vela aku-akus por todas partes. No te hryerdahl a los hechos escuetos. All were friendly, and the Dutchmen saw no weapons of any kind. We soon learned that tnor formed an indivisible whole; they put their heads together daily and solved the queerest problems, which can only arise in a most unusual community on the world’s loneliest island.

I, for one, was saddened to see their loss. The green never came right down to the surf, for there a tumbled barrier of black lava blocks lay like a protecting wall all round the island. Seemingly unaware of Polynesian stoneworking traditions such as the Marae he said of Ahu Vinapu’s retaining wall “No Polynesian fisherman would have been capable of conceiving, much less building such a wall”.

The mayor was very busy. Penetramos en el interior de la cerca para detenernos finalmente ante la solitaria casa del gobernador. Teme que se conviertan en unos borrachos impenitentes cuando lleguen a un sitio donde puedan procurarse todo el alcohol que deseen.

Mar 03, Orgon Solo rated it really liked it. Behind him stood the gigantic mate Sanne, a jovial fellow, hanging onto a stay with each hand, looking like an amiable tame gorilla. He had come to welcome us.