Aku-Aku, the Secret of Easter Island describes Thor Heyerdahl’s research at Rano Raraku & Anakena on their many giant stone statues. The book & later film . Results 1 – 30 of 60 AKU-AKU – The Secret of Easter Island by heyerdahl, thor and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. En el conocido etn√≥grafo y aventurero Thor Heyerdahl organiz√≥ una AKU AKU, en su momento un best-seller internacional, es un relato de los.

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Los moradores de la isla nos ayudaron a localizar el lastre del antiguo velero que se hallaba en una grieta del fondo marino abierta en el interior de la ensenada de la Bounty.

Pero ahora no recordamos ya todo lo que vemos a nuestro alrededor, y por eso la isla de Pascua ha dejado de ser la isla de Pascua. I thought I saw a Hitler behind the little mustache, but no, I was wrong.

A mi todo el mundo me conoce.

Era como si hubiesen brotado de la tierra para desparramarse por el desolado paisaje lunar de la isla. Twelve Years a Slave. No me heyefdahl que teme a los aku-akus estando conmigo. The captain was on the bridge, and the crew were running about the deck battening down hatches and hauling on ropes, while a gigantic mate stood, pencil in hand, checking off items on a long list. A bird-man and a long-eared ghost-man. Las vasijas no volvieron a casa de Haoa. We must be far back in antiquity now.

Histoire de lile Oparo ou Rapa.

Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island

How these colossi were set up was a mystery to the Spaniards, and they even doubted whether they could have been made on this island. Really a brilliant work for anyone with the sort of life-long fascination with Easter Island that I have had.

Two Pakarati brothers narrating legends. We had seen very little of the natives in these few days. No one went, and blowing the siren and starting the engine, with as much shrieking and general racket as the engineers could produce, was quite ineffective. The list wku in order. A giant on a keel. Finally we weighed anchor and left with all our new tgor sengers on board.

It seems he uses his influence and Another great adventure from Heyerdahl. Old Kasimiro was as tall and thin as Nicholas was fat and round; he had, moreover, a striking resemblance to the shambling, round-should- ered, weird figure in the Easter Island collection of wood carvings.


But it would have been no pleasure either to him or to the native inhabitants of the island if we had arrived just at dusk, at a place where a call from any ship is one of the greatest events of the year. He came to my tent and confided in a low voice that there was a cave with “important things” in it out on the bird-men’s island.

We flung a ladder down to them, and one by one tohr came clam- bering up the ship’s side and jumped on board. All hryerdahl Light We Cannot See.

Now he stood before me, heyeradhl and straight-backed, with legs apart, in a long white robe with a cord round the waist and big, brightly polished boots. He argued that as well as being settled by Polynesians, Easter Island was settled by people from Peru, an area described as “more culturally developed”.

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Then we could arrive at the village of Hangaroa early next morn- ing with all flags flying. They immediately jumped overboard and began to swim across the sea in the direction of vanished Easter Island. Por consiguiente, les di a escoger entre dormir sobre la cubierta o irse a tierra, en dos tandas, en la balsa de aluminio del barco.

This is the only time that anyone has described active sun worship on Easter Island. The largest building ever discovered in Polynesia. He was ornamented with a crown of feathers on his head, which other- wise was close-shaven, and he had in his ears alu white pegs tbor large as fists. He studied Zoology and Geography at University of Oslo.

The wood carvers pointed with apologetic smiles to their ragged trousers and bare legs, they wanted to barter their goods for clothes and shoes. Or how should we tackle problems of contact and pro- visioning if the camp was on one side of the island and the ship had suddenly to go round to the other side on account of bad weather?

But about nine hundred had died of illness and unfamiliar living conditions before the ship was ready to fetch them, and of the hundred survivors who em- barked eighty-five died on the voyage, so only fifteen returned to Easter Island alive.

Retrieved from ” https: He said of Ahu Vinapu’s retaining wall, “No Polynesian fisherman would have been capable of conceiving, much less building such a wall”. Our four native friends, who had been helping with the landing of the equipment, were vastly impressed when they came up behind the great wall and saw where we had pitched our tents. The dweller there is ever listening for he knows not what, feeling unconsciously that he is in the antechamber to something yet more vast which is just beyond his ken.


But it was easy to conjure up her good spirits, and then the cloud van- ished like morning dew as her rough face lit up with a dazzling smile.

Moais bodies were carved in stone inside one quarry, but their red caps were carved out in another quarry several kilo The first quarter of the book is actually OK. And there is just as much to remember when, in addi- tion to the family, you are taking to the South Seas five archaeologists, a doctor, a photographer, a crew of thirteen, a ship containing spare parts, special equipment, and a year’s meals for everyone.

But he kept his word, and when the hour was over the native boat, full of laughter and music, was tossing about on her way toward the dark coast.

On board he asked immediately if his party also could not have a meal such as the others had had. That doesn’t mean he’s not an excellent story teller, too. His patient narrating of the individuals who live on Easter Island are what make this book so charming, not to mention there’s just so much about the island itself that you don’t know, whether you think you do or not.

Moreover, it was the Valley of Kings, famous in story, where the legendary Hotu Matua had first landed.

Hands waved xku hand- kerchiefs fluttered like treetops in a gale, while the captain made the siren utter a few heart-rending howls. Did you really do that yourself?

Aku-Aku – Wikipedia

Aquello produjo un verdadero terremoto. I got a nasty bump on the head, but dived to the bottom as quickly as I could to avoid thlr blow from the pon- toons. Perhaps that was why arranging the journey was so difficult. En esa zona, en las islas situadas frente a la costa, hay claros indicios de su paso.