: Kitab Al-Jilwah: Book of Revelation (): Sheik Adi, Isya Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts > Demonology & Satanism. Before I decided to make my own blog, I did several entries on a friend’s on various issues I take with the use of the Al Jilwah in Satanism. Unfortunately, two of the links in my first blog entry regarding the Al-Jilwah are not working any more. Thankfully, I saved the information.

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It is also a bit shameful that just because some satanists took it for real and sacred text, promoted it, suddenly everyone try to approach it as words of Satan instead using their own minds and do research.

Confusion over the identity of Melek Taus arose in part because of the secrecy in which the Yezidis have traditionally held their two sacred books. Isya Joseph was a participant in religious read: This is also one of my favorite verses because this means its okay to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual, asexual, trans.

It satamists our own.

Aljilwah For Satanists ยท Spiritual Satanist

I wonder if Yazidi people had any ancient knowledge of the true color of the sun. Back to the politics, it forr is baffling and as you’d say “unusual” – the US government and the Iranian government are starkly at odds and with good reason yet the citizens of both countries seem to get along just fine. Thanks for great information I used to be in search of this information for my mission. I don’t know what they would say if you put ” Al-jilwan ,” but definitely don’t put “Satanist.


The Ancient Satanic Scriptures

What it comes down satainsts is the people – the culture, and this applies to all cultures, which is why I make it xl-jilwah point to travel – see what’s out there. I’m not terribly big on etymology, really what it comes down to is the process of watching my mind take what were once an incomprehensible array of squiggles and begin to make sense of them. Our sun only looks gold to orange to us because of the way sunlight looks through Earth’s atmosphere, but the sun ‘s visible light outputs actually peak in the green range.

This last verse is also a favorite as He is explaining the DNA molecule! To find out more, including sztanists to control cookies, see here: If you are a woman, but sure to wear a headscarf at all times in public no matter how hot it is.

Even so, we must move on, sahanists, correct, and add to what was contributed in the past in the most mature, intellectual way possible. August 14, at 5: What are the four times, can you explain them to me? He summons armies al-kilwah the earth itself! They take the Islamic Revolution seriously, and those in Iran who question the authority of their government can end up being charged with “crimes against God. Then you are supposed to stay in your hotel. But why would you rely on some external and poor text why you can gain wisdom directly by your own?

Jan 11, Messages: Its 20th-century revival can be attributed to William B. If you put “Satanic” on your visa application, they would simply deny your application and you would never be allowed to enter Iran.


The fountain of Zem-Zem, like the Kaaba with its black stone, was holy to the ancient idolatrous Arabs many years before Mecca became the sacred city of Islam. I’m happy I got to share some of my favorite lines my friends.

Satan’s Den

As per usual your insights are highly appreciated – I don’t know if it is just “me” but this quote right here: Surmounting al-jilway doorway to the shrine is a gilt ornament depicting two peacocks and two lions.

Don’t put “Muslim” unless you know enough about the religion to answer friendly questions if they have them.

These evaluations and objections were apparently unknown to [or ignored by] Anton LaVey when he included the Joseph material al-jilaah 6L.

The Zebu The Zebu senior member Registered: You have to be with your tour guide the whole time, until after dinner when he goes home to his family.

Al-Jilwah And Theistic Satanism | Satan’s Den

Yeah, Al-jiwlah have a problem with these. This in part is why I so vehemently state that I am simply “satanic” not a “Satanist” Still, although I cannot vouch for the authenticity of any of the publications regarding Yazidi faith, what I have read really resonates with me.

You can also ski through early summer at Mount Tochal, north of the city. It’s not “his” fault.