Learn about the Al-Shabiba, a local newspaper in Muscat, Oman in the Mondo Times news media guide. Print Media – Newspapers. Al Shabiba. Surf our Website City: Ruwi Muscat. Tel: Fax: E-mail: [email protected] Project Information. Times of Oman & Al Shabiba Newspapers. Skills: Adobe InDesign; Adobe Photoshop. Client: Times of Oman & Al Shabiba, Muscat, Oman .

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Times of Oman & Al Shabiba | Schmidt Media Group

Adonis Doradodesign director for both Al Shabiba and the English-language Times of Oman which we are also readying for a new design is working hard on the new logo concepts along with designers Nasser Othmanand Osama Aljawish. Reed Reibstein has sent me some materials that I also find of importance for all of us before we head out to business meetings next week: Here is our final work of the day.

Here is my Briyani Dajav chicken, which comes in a pot with delicious rice mixed with nuts, and a light, vegetable-based soup with lemmon. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Nassim, however, is that it was designed for Tasmeemthe remarkable plug-in for InDesign ME that brings traditional Arabic calligraphic refinement to typography.

Along the way, we discover at least two that we like out of the various offerings from the calligrapher.

I still keep his early sketches for newspaepr in my files, precious mementos of the master at work. I now join them with our Garcia Media Europe art director, Jan Knyto give it all its final touches. We compromise, we go back to the drawing board. Chahine recently released her newest face, Neue Helvetica Arabic http: And of course the designs themselves are new, designed in the last several years by Nadine Chahine at Linotype in collaboration with both Zapf and Frutiger.


Old logo sits at the top of a backdoor; new version latest one, anyway below. For those now joining thie weekend-long blog conversation: Oh, decisions, decisions Thinking ahead: We hope that by the end of Monday, we should have agreed on the final Al Shabiba logo! I take a long time to draw one Arab character, but I find that it is the best way for me to convey to the calligrapher what I have in mind, and how I wish to proceed.

At 69, Parkinson is still a genius to listen to. For the first time, re-thinking a Middle Eastern newspaper or magazine need not mean commissioning custom type—though custom type will neespaper remain the mark of quality Arabic publications for years to come.

Al-Shabiba newspaper –

Kargeen can offer you pasta, pizzas and western style salads, but who wants to do that while sitting in the midst of a room with a lamp that hangs like an upside down barril from the ceiling making even short people like me have to lower our heads as we pass, not to mention the shishas that wrap themselves like snakes around the smokers, spewing out a rich aroma with the smoke that is like a mix of cinnamon, ginger and other spices.

There are many fewer professional Arabic type designers compared to those who work on the Latin script. Jan asks newspapfr question: The font utilized for headlines: Newspaperr almost final version of the Al Shabiba logo: But, as I keep mentioning, the name of this newspaper, Al Shabiba, means The Youth, so a little young dancing on the page may not be a bad idea.

There nedspaper ads in the menu of the Kargeen Nnewspaper a hungry and captive audience to look at them. Of course, there are still not as many designers working exclusively on Arab alphabets as we have for Latin fonts.


Contact us with speaking requests, questions or to discuss a newpsaper. Is making one character bigger, or colorizing it, as we do here, going to somehow change the meaning or the perception?

So far it is usually magazines that project demos, so I found these to be quite interesting.

We use it for Al Shabiba. What I call Sheen 1 iswell, sexy——a snake that appears all of a sudden, ready to attack or seduce; Sheen 2 has a sense of order.

But, again, my western sensitivities are not what is important here.

Al Shabiba Newspaper

Ahmed dressed in white at right in most photos. For the finish, the ever present sweet dates.

Ariss himself may join forces with a young Arabic designer and create the Arabic version of his legendary US product. Nassim was designed to work in small sizes, in a dictionary, say, or newspaper columns—a rare achievement. That, I think, will always be a trademark of Arabic language publications generally. Al Shabiba, which means Youthwants to be truer to its name: Time to close the shop this Saturday, and go for a run on the beach.

Evolution of a logo for Al Shabiba, and still tweeking it.

At the end, i ask the Arab language readers in the room to take a look and see what reaction they have in 10 seconds. How logo would fit at the top of Newspaepr One in this prototype page.

So while dozens of exquisitely-designed Latin typefaces appear each year, only a small fraction of that number are designed for Arabic.