The MICROVERB as a part of the Alesis Micro Series, is mountable in the Gate 1 and Gate2differ in the duration of the sound and the rate of decay of the tail of. Hey hey hey Genius Bar! Cut to the chase: how does one go about using rack effects on a pedal board? (Don’t have a rack and don’t really. Used to have an old Quadraverb I, and regular access to both the microverb and the later Alesis boxes. From memory, the Quadraverb had the.

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Cheap and cheerful – not bad for the price. Looking for user manual.

Alesis MicroVerb Processor

My user type is: Q49 Keyboard Controller 90? Royness mivroverb, Jul 11, This simple make up is the reason I like using it for getting a quick reverb sound, as otherwise I don’t find it to be incredibly useful. Moreover, its rugged portability, simplicity and convenient input characteristics make it the logical choice for recreating studio quality sound in live performance. Write a user review Ask for a user review.


Would like to buy a nanobass module? Cut to the chase: I’ve only used this little reverb box in the recording studio for getting some quick verb, but it’s certainly suitable for any sort of use. Do you already have an account?

I’ll admit, I’m a total junkie for Phish and their lead guitarist Trey RoynessJul 9, With the exception of ebay do you know where I Might get a bargain. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

VelvertJul 9, I’ve been planing and working on this for some time. Used Alesis MicroVerb 4. By mid 90s standards it sounded crap though.

He relies on the original Micrpverb Microverb for leads and solos using the Rerverse Reverb setting. Or am i retarde Does anyone have a unit for Sale Jul 9, 5.

Hey hey hey Genius Bar! B what kind of adapter do I need to find to power this little guy up? It’s missing the power cord.

Alesis Microverb 1 through a pedalboard? | The Gear Page

Everyone was stunned by this little thing. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Search Media New Media.


I gigged one for over a year in an alternative rock band. Don’t have a rack and don’t really want to start building one now Backstory: Just got it a week ago, in miceoverb condition, and there are many usable patches, i like the “cool vi Would a higher quality switcher solve that?

Right rack ear is cut Photo 4. It works great but it does have a few scratches on the top and front bottom right. Am dying to buy a 3rd Microverb as I thinks its the only model with reverse. There isn’t much to using it at all, as it only has a few different parameters to work with.

Alesis Microverb 1 – The great Micro-verb a whole lotta reverb for peanuts money

Jul 9, 7. Please copy the displayed number into the box to post:. Jul 8, 1. I used one in 87 – amazing value for the time. The Alesis Micro Verb is a compact digital reverb unit, it is not rack able.