دراسة في طبيعة المجتمع العراقي A Study of the Nature of Iraqi Society. by علي الوردي Ali al Wardi · Paperback. $$ In stock on August 28, Books shelved as ali-alwardi: خوارق اللاشعور by علي الوردي, شخصية الفرد العراقي by علي الوردي, مهزلة العقل البشري by علي الوردي, منطق ابن خلدون by علي ال. Ali al-Wardi is the author of Social Glimpses of Modern Iraqi History ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) Ali al-Wardi’s books. Ali al-Wardi.

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The time of sultans is long gone and has been replaced by nations. Retrieved from ” https: Anthropologists believe that Man is the only creature capable of rational behaviour because he has a mind with which to think, a language with which to express himself and a hand with which to produce his daily needs. Formal logic is deductive; it starts with the general and ends with the specific, in exact opposition to alwarfi modern inductive logic that starts with the specific and alwrdi with the general.

Rather than a natural gift, personality is an acquired, particularly human characteristic, which Man inherits from his fathers and forefathers.

People who preached that the sooner Man amended his ways that his heart would be cleansed of its hatred and selfishness, and overnight he would become a happy contented individual. This, he said, equally applied to the educated and uneducated alike. He underlined the fact that the logic followed by Ibn Khaldoun had an influence on his theory, as did the intellectual and non-intellectual factors that helped him formulate his theory on human civilization and sociology.

The problem with the formal logic is that its syllogism usually relies on axiomatic prerequisites deemed beyond doubt, and therefore needs no proof.

Al-Wardi discovered that Ibn Khaldoun was the only thinker to rebel against this idealistic way of thinking prevalent in Islam. In reality, however, that Man likes the truth when it serves him well, but if it does not, he sees it from a different standpoint, and tries to find reasons to downgrade its importance.

Truth was not given in its final form but was amenable to change, unlike the Aristotelian logic that saw truth as constant and absolute and does not change in time or space. The disasters that plagued the 20th century, including the two world wars, civil wars, colonialism and environmental disasters are but a result of this irrational control over the world. This is why it is not easy for people to see the objective truth in a similar manner if their circumstances, interests and social methods are different.


Al-Wardi said that this mental framework is not understood, and the reason why there is resistance to any new trend; there is initial resistance, but then ultimately this gives way to submission. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

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alwarrdi Its role is not to expand knowledge but to purify it and cleanse it from illusions. It is different from sense perception in as far as it separates the form from the matter. Not only does it invent the weapons with which to kill its enemies, it provides the excuses and rationales that justify killing them.

The old logic therefore applies neither to the past nor to the present era. This allowed him to free himself of Aristotelian shackles, and to embark on a new path that helped him understand social life as it really was. He believed that the thinkers that preceded Freud believed that Man had alwarri mind that controlled his actions and guided his behaviour, and if he deviated they blamed that mind and called on him booms see reason and to learn his lesson, and if he failed, he deserved punishment.

According to Al-Wardi, Ibn Tufail did not offer anything new about the mind.

As for the worlds of astronomy, nuclear physics, the spirit and others, they are not among the instruments and standards that we are familiar with in our limited lives; we are entering a new era that has no place for axioms or general parameters.

The fanatical human mind of which Al-Wardi speaks is the result of the deeply rooted quality of bias embedded in it; it is not neutral. Al-Wardi said that Man is an animal before being a human being, and was endowed by a number of distinguishing factors chief among which is the mind.

This vision necessarily led to a similar view of Man as an object of control in his reciprocal social relationships. He was back to Iraq and was forced to be married by his father’s orders. Get to Know Us. Al-Jahiz believed that the mind is involuntary, like the senses, except within a very narrow margin, which is why the more the person is isolated the more fanatical he becomes.

Your email address will not be published. Therefore, we should, like Jurgen Habermas said, turn our attention to the critical communicative mind that forged human civilization, because the world we live in is not such a sham. Other factors no doubt compel him to change Al-Haidari— Al-Wardi tended to believe that in most of his actions Man, instead of being free is determined by a metaphysical power rather than an unconscious power. For Al-Wardi, the old misguided logic, based on the premise that Man adopts his beliefs through his own free will, and reaches his decision through thought and vision, is a mistake that often leads to injustice, and it is unfair, for this reason, to punish people for beliefs instilled in them alwardo their social upbringing.


Al-Wardi pointed out that the problem with this point of view alwarddi the belief that the human soul could be washed clean with soap and water to remove the dirt that had stuck to it. However, in few years travelled to the United States to attain his Masters and Ph.

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The reason is that people have become used to seeing truth through the old Aristotelian prism as a unified whole, and, therefore, opinions, thought and attitudes are also expected to be a unified whole.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. He also levelled criticism at the upper classes. All things have reasonable causes, though philosophers here have a disagreement.

The story of Hai Ibn Yaqdhan is about an imaginary man who was born and grew up on an isolated island. The mind absorbs only part of the external reality, then adds to itself another part to complete the picture in accordance with how the mind imagines that picture to be. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Ibn Khaldoun believed that truth was not constant but that it changed in line with changes in the condition of human civilization. Social scientists in the field of social theory of knowledge pointed out to the objective truth and its susceptibility to the influences of social, economic and psychological conditions, and concluded that the human mind is not an instrument fashioned to search for the truth, since it is most probably encapsulated within frameworks moulded by society.

The illusion of inherited perfection is obstructive to the human mind.

He managed to finish his elementary and high school and awarded the number one student on the Kingdom of Iraq. Rather, he castigates the religious clergy who, through dressing up in religious alwarsi, instrumentalize religion as a tool for their own ends. He later was appointed as a teacher in many elementary and high schools across Iraq, before winning a scholarship alwxrdi the American University of Beirut where he received his Bachelor’s degree in