The novel that launched the astonishing career of one of the 20th century’s greatest writers of action and suspense – an acclaimed classic of heroism and. Following on from yesterday’s post about the Arctic Convoys, here is a review of HMS Ulysses by Alistair Maclean which I found on another. HMS Ulysses was Maclean’s first and arguably best novel. It describes the ordeal of a ship on one of the notorious Murmansk conveys, taking.

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Uylsses ship after another of the convoy was sacrificed; Vallery was forced into decisions that tore him apart; disease took its toll- with Vallery himself its ultimate victim; madness, too, stalked the decks and Tyndall’s sanity cracked. Notify me of new comments via email.

The novel features HMS Ulyssesa light cruiser that is well armed and among the fastest ships in the world. I was excited to read this book, because I used to love Alistair MacLean. I wish MacLean would have reduced the number of characters and developed those left a little more deeply. So maybe I may be prejudiced but there’s an equally likely chance that I have tried to keep an open mind about it.

The horrors the book describes are hard to assimilate.

However, MacLean has an obsession for using nautical jargon, and I think he needs help. Aug 27, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have given it 5 rating bcoz GR rating is restricted to this, otherwise this novel deserves alistaid complete Anyhow, it is very essential for the convoy to cross the arctic.


The same background of the World War II Murmansk convoyswith the combination of extreme belligerent action and inhospitable nature pushing protagonists to the edge macoean endurance and beyond, appears in Dutch novelist Jan de Hartog ‘s The Captain His success meant that he spent much of his life living as a tax exile in Switzerland.


The book sold macelan quarter of a million copies in hardback in England in the first six months of publication. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is an incredibly moving record of the ulydses of war, not the glory. One time it would be name and rank, then first mmaclean, and then, later, a nickname. Luckily, he has also irritated maverick California cop, Ryder — by kidnapping his wife — so Ryder tracks him down, disarms his gang and kills him.

Calling this a harrowing tale of war time heroism would be a huge under statement. This site uses cookies. My favorite Maclean book. The Ulysses had been a lucky ship, fast, equipped with radar, with a captain who was worshipped by his crew.

And the best film, Where Eagles Dare, is not one of his best books. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. MacLean subsequently wrote dozens of action adventure novels, many made into famous movies, but this is far and away my favorite of his stories – though fictional it nearly qualifies as historical, given MacLean’s mclean experiences in the Royal Navy.

His descriptions of the conditions will have you shivering yourself! By halfway through the book I was cackling madly and reading choice excerpts to my roommate.

H.M.S. ULYSSES by Alistair MacLean | Kirkus Reviews

It describes the ordeal of a ship on one of the notorious Murmansk conveys, taking oil, weapons, supplies to beleaguered USSR up over the top of Scandianavia, through the Arctic Ocean in one of the most pitiless and harsh environments known to man. To recap his war career:. The bad guys are not ugly or stupid at all. Notify me of new posts via email.

HMS Ulysses by Alistair MacLean () | Books & Boots

In he and the ship served in the Mediterranean theatre as part of the invasion of southern France and in helping to sink blockade runners off Crete and bombard Milos in the Aegean. Factual descriptions are given in a clipped, textbook style — to the extent of there being a number macleann purely factual footnotes throughout the book, correcting technical and historical fact — but psychological portraits often use rhetorial techniques, particularly repetition, to convey moods and feelings, especially of the extremity of exhaustion and physical ordeal the men are going through.


But I The thing I love about Powell’s books is that you can ask the much-pierced something at the desk about the location of bestsellers of the 60s and 70s, and they will answer you without so much as a pause for thought. I first read this brilliant heart-stopping book years ago many times over and recently bought it again. I remember in English classes at school we had to pick a favourite book and write a alistir.

The author vividly portrays the awful conditions and paralyzing fear suffered by sailors in the Arctic seas during the Second World War. They are noble, venerable and somehow too good for the horrible conditions of the modern world. Mar 22, Venkatesh rated it it was amazing. If I had a dollar for every WW II book where the suave protagonist strolls his way through the enemy and completes alistairr mission.

Ulysses as “The complete, the perfect fighting machine, man’s ultimate, so far, in his attempt to weld science and savagery into an instrument of destruction.