The American Songbag [Carl Sandburg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Songs from The American Songbag by Carl Sandburg I Was Born Almost Ten Thousand Years Ago Sandburg: “Folk lore tells of giants and long-lived men. Results 1 – 15 of 15 The American Songbag by Sandburg, Carl and a great selection of related books , art and collectibles available now at

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Gordon placed at our disposal the resources of his immense collection of old songs that men have songbab. Some are told of in these lines from men who are a law unto themselves.

The music is too superbly serious to have cheap lines. Has also appeared as. It is evidence that metropolitan songs may take long migrations. There is rich poetry in the image of the rider so loving a horse he begs when he dies his bones shall be tied to his horse and the two of them sent wandering with their faces turned west. Two composers were each claiming to be the first and only music writer to score the Livery Stable Blues.

Now a word to claim-holders who are bound for to stay: Text and tune here are from Margery K. It is impressionistic in style, delivering the substance of two lives in brief array.

Born, Elmira, New York. What lively, old, old-fashioned gossip we have here! It was natural when I met Hughes in his Southern California home that I should show him the Mexican songs that needed harmonizations for our fiesta.

American Song Bag by Sandburg, Carl

For he’s gone, oh he’s gone away For to stay a little while, But he’s comin’ back if he goes ten thousand miles. Also, we note, by alternating the names of Albert and Johnny, or Frankie, Josie, Dongbag, any verse of any song goes for all. Has played and conducted at many theaters in the West and Middle West.


Partners cross hands forming a ” star ” and circle left. Americaan saw Satan when he looked the garden o’er, Then saw Adam and Eve driven from the door, And behind the bushes peeping, Saw the apple they were eating, And I’ll swear that I’m the guy what ate the core.

He compiled around songs in this anthology, which contains singable words and music, including harmonies or accompaniment. She is adaptive, pictorial, imaginative. As a boy growing up in Brown County, Indiana, he heard his mother sohgbag it at dish washing and sewing and mending, and sometimes for company. There were two ways to reach the goldfields from the Atlantic seaboard or the Missis- sippi Valley.

There’s plen -ty of gold, so I’ve been told, ra – men – to. The text is from the R.

It is a horse’s earful. If she says “Yes,” come back and tell me, If she says “No,” well run away. It is as though it only cared to please the world-worn, the over-subtle, the corrupted, while it ignores all sogbag healthy life, virtuous habits, pure affections, steady labor, honesty, and duty. This relates directly to ancient Gaelic lamentations over dead kings; it is “keening” of a sort and has the character of melody suitable to a wake over one amedican the lights gone from him.

Payne tells us in a forty-four page history of the song in Publication No. Next morning at nine, in a coffin americqn pine This hayseed was strictly dead in it. It is droll and don’t-care, bleary and leering, as slippery and lackadaisical as some of the comic characters of Shakespeare, or as trifling as the two murderers who are asked, “How came you here?

Look away, look away, look away over Yandro, On Yandro’s high hill, where them white doves are flyin’ From bough to bough and a-matin’ with their mates, So why not me with mine? Then up with our banner so glorious, The star-spangled red, white and blue, We’ll fight till our banner is victorious, For Lincoln and Liberty too. Two hundred and eighty songs, ballads, ditties from all American regions. Where O where is the bad boy Absolom? He went up in a den of lions, He went up in a sontbag of lions, He went up in a den of lions, ‘Way over in the promised land.



The song became a favorite with lawyers traveling the circuit in those days, and was often ung on convivial occasions. Its measures are close to silence and to art “to be overheard rather than heard.

American Song Bag

Ballad singers of centuries ago and mule-skinners alive and singing today helped make this book. He had in his heart and memory aerican little piece that he called ” exquisite”; that is the word.

The modern haunters of Parnassus carve urns of agate and of onyx; but inside the urns what is there? Their work lacks feeling, seriousness, sincerity, and pathos in a word, soul and moral life.

After he’s married no such thing, “Get up and get my breakfast, you good-for-nothing thing! Then they began to cross the plains with oxen, hollowing “haw”; And steamers amerivan began to run as far as Panama, And there for months the people staid that started after gold, And some returned disgusted with the lies that had been told.

In America this is among ballads known in all the areas into which the English settlers spread; it is of mountain and prairie. Then I met up with R. He was a bandmaster during songag World War. A very well preserved copy, clean and unmarked.