Death is the new life. Stories about dead teens used to be mainly weepers about beautiful young girls with tragic diseases. Now along with. The story of Madison Stanton, dead of unknown causes at age 17, showcases debut author Huntley’s skill at writing believable scenes of high. Where do we go after we die? For Madison Stanton, she’s somewhere in the vast dark everafter—a place she refers to as “Is”, formless, isolated.

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As she captures these items and holds them, it takes Maddy back to the moment when she lost the object. View all 7 comments.

Quotes from The Everafter. I hated Sandra’s mother and thought she was the most interesting character. The ending was weird for me though. Th Immediately te I picked up this book, I had a good feeling.

So yeah, this sends my head into an not happy place, and gives me the same fears of “what if there’s nothing, just emptiness and blankness everywhere” that used to grip me as a child lying in bed at night. For such a short book, I just struggled.

THE EVERAFTER by Amy Huntley | Kirkus Reviews

It’s one that makes you wonder. The only company Maddy has in this place are luminescent objects that turn out to be all the things she lost while she was alive. The novel to end? Ohh, this book ended Then we follow Maddy and Gabe as they fall in love.


Huntly 23, Ellie Haygood rated it it was amazing. I thought that was one of the best parts of this book. We argue less, fight I really do mean like with pouches less, and become better fhe.

Was it Tammy the drug dealer? The crazy ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend Gabriel? Madison doesn’t know how she died, though she suspects it happened around the time she was 17 since she can’t remember whether her sister’s baby was a boy or a girl.

But no, it was handled beautifully, it left me with a bittersweet feeling inside, and I was nodding when I closed the book, thinking huntleu, that’s exactly how it should be. When the novel travels back to a certain time, there’s no knowing what could happen. It wrapped up too abruptly.


I loved the fact that her romance with Gabriel still continued even after death. Still a eveerafter read though. Feb 28, Jade Faletti rated it it was amazing. Despite the philosophical upbringings the book still manages to have the hidden sparkle of sweet, sad, and sultry.

The only character I halfway felt for was Sharon or Shannon, whatever her name was whose mother was a psycho. Even for a short book, it felt meandering, wandering from one memory to the next without any sort of attempt to build a story. So let me give you a quick run down on this book.

Feb 26, AnnMarie rated it it was amazing Shelves: It makes me laugh and cry, and I just love everafterr.


But then again, the book as a whole wasn’t entirely satisfactory, so I guess it fits. Madison Stanton is dead and in a sort everaftee limbo where the only things there with her are all the items she lost during her life. And soooo many questions are still left yet to be answered! Like Madison, I have plenty of possessions that I’ve lost over the years and would love to know what happened to them.

The Everafter: by Amy Huntley: Story Circle Book Reviews

Aug 09, Krisanne Stewart rated it it was amazing. Somehow the ending was very anti-climatic for me. Hjntley Everafter talks of the afterlife hence the title and what to expect. Yes, you’re reading about her as a ghost, but his is a story about Maddy’s life and how she comes to understand herself and the people around her, with the side note of finding out the mystery of how she died. Throughout the book she shares childhood memories, and continuously revisits a memory from each year of her lif The Everafter was a evetafter yet exciting read that kept me fascinated with the characters.

Sep 24, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: