“Tell me what you want.” Gabriel got his hand in Rase’s hair again and pulled his head back so far that Rase’s neck hurt, his back starting to. Rase Illion is a middle-aged captain of industry, a restrained man with a spotless reputation just emerging from the shadow of his vicious, driven father. Since his. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Uneven at Anah Crow isn’t cut from that cloth, and Uneven is not a book for people who.

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There are people in this world who have sadomasochistic desires– it isn’t something that was made up for the sole purpose of pornography and erotic literature. I know that some of the reviews for this book must be turning MM readers off because of how dark and gritty it sounds, but honestly the ‘dark’ moments are wonderfully and exquisitely balanced with tender and humorous scenes.

Aug 31, Chelsea rated it it was amazing Shelves: I especially liked the evolution of Rase’s character. I thought the relationship between Rase and Gabriel was kind of sweet even with how violent it was.

Think something heavy on masochism and humiliation. And then I want to go back to your place or my place and I want you to beat me until I bleed. I like that, simply, Rase wants to get the shit beat out of him and Gabriel wants to beat the shit outta him.

It is one of my fave BDSM books ever.

Uneven, Anah Crow. (Paperback )

View all 42 comments. I don’t deal with this very well.

Unevn wants to be hurt, and Gabe hurts him. Rase Illion has been fighting against his own nature his all life. Rase being gay is nothing compared to Rase being a submissive masochist, and the hunger he feels is driving him to an early grave. View all 4 comments. I know some people may find this a rather dark read I’ve long crossed corw to the dark side.


This book is a different read for me, butalthough I cringed through much of the book, the main character was interesting and I cared about his story.

This eventually sets them free to embrace the sadomasochistic needs they both have, in different ways. I feel naughty for liking it but I’m afraid Gabriel might beat me or make me scream if I say otherwise. Dec 31, Feliz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Man, I miss their writes. How do you make something like this work in the long-term? I sympathized with his self-loathing and the sadness that he lived with for years.

Yes, this story is elementally brutal. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He was charming and sweet, and made me smile. No, it’s not for everyone, and if the average Goodreads review indicates that it is among the lesser of Crow’s books, that is strictly because of the subject matter. Surprisingly, I absolutely loved it! There was once a man who felt as lost as a little boy. Rase has immense wealth whereas Gabriel is floating around from odd job to odd job for now.

He returns to his life to set things right, to begin to shape it in his own image. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Anah Crow (Author of Uneven)

It was, as everyone has probably said thrice over in their reviews, intense and raw and brutal and any other word thesaurus. Gabriel and Rase give each other precisely what they need which equates to some pretty intense degradation and pain-the perfect symbiosis.

I chopped things up a bit, but think it will give you a fairly good impression of the dynamics between these men. The sex scenes in their raw, cruel explicitness aren’t for the faint at heart but highly revealing and always necessary to forward the plot and allowing the characters to develop their loving, emotional relationship.


The stereotypical bitch wife was wonderfully balanced by the ex-wife who certainly made me love the novel more I know my goodreads friends and I have all bitched at one time or another about the female roles in MM Romance and his assistant and son were utter gems.

His hand was shaking. As open in his own way as the submissive protag. Re-read 23rd May Even better and hotter the second time around!!!! Jun 23, Natalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Added after second read: Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a little LOT of kink with their man love.

WOW this was deliciously ruff with a twist of nice. I think readers know they shouldn’t try out most of the things these men do for fun.

Books by Anah Crow

His mouth was dry, and the ice in his Scotch rang against the crystal like mocking bells. Anah Crow isn’t cut from that cloth, and Uneven is not a book for people who want to be lightly titillated. And they both get what they need out of that.

Then ahah day he walks by when his security team has a young man, who triggered the metal detectors, up against the wall. There’s some dark shit ‘goings on’ in here!

He has to negotiate carefully to convince Gabriel that he isn’t the kind of man he pretended to be. Without the ‘midlife’ part.