NEW LIES FOR OLD The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation ANATOLIY GOLITSYN TO THE MEMORY OF Anna Akhmatova CONSCIENCE. Throughout KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s second book Under Golitsyn’s original understanding, as presented in New Lies for Old. New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Steve said: Written Anatoliy Golitsyn. · Rating.

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Being divided, the opposition group, had it come to power, would have been obliged to make concessions regardless of nsw wishes of the individual members. The eyewitness accounts of many former inhabitants of the communist world now resident in the West have proved extremely helpful to the serious study of lirs regimes and their problems in the past.

In fact, it ranged far beyond the economy, defining also the principal political and ideological objectives and tactics for the regime internally and externally and the strategy for the international communist movement. Trotskiy’s exposures were of limited value because his break was not with communism but with Stalin. Fof, it ratified the use of varying tactics by individual communist parties within the framework of the long-range policy and, in place of a controlling center, called for the coordination and synchronization of policy and tactics between bloc and nonbloc parties.

The “Weakness and Evolution” Pattern The pattern of disinformation used during the implementation of a long-range policy may be called the “weakness and evolution” pattern, or the pattern of anato,iy ideological moderation. Soon political concessions would follow.

The preparation of the manuscript has been undertaken by the author with the help of each of us, acting in an individual and private capacity. The Political Use of De-Stalinization The Soviet leaders recognized that mistakes had been made in the first phase of de-Stalinization.

New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation

The strength of international anticommunism has waxed and waned. Uploaded by marlbert on August 22, The KGB would be “reformed. The leaders of all eighty-one parties committed themselves to the program set out in the conference’s statement, or — as it is sometimes described — Manifesto. Western expectations were later to be rudely shattered. In one of his letters Lenin, commenting on the draft of a statement to be made by the Soviet delegation to the Genoa conference, advised Chicherin to omit any mention of “the gor forced coup d’etat and bloody struggle” and also to omit the words “our historical concept includes the use of violent measures and anqtoliy inevitability of new world wars.

Book by Golitsyn, Anatoliy. Theirs was a true expression of de-Stalinization; that is to say, they believed in the restoration of Leninist communism without Stalinist deviations. Golotsyn plan was in a way inspired by the teachings of the 6th-century BC. A characteristic, but not unique, example of this technique is provided by the so-called “Trust” operation.


According to the secret clauses of the treaty, Germans helped oies build modern aviation and tank factories in the USSR.

In fact, so personal and despotic was Stalin’s rule that, for a while, Stalinism became almost synonymous with communism, and opposition to the ne became confused with opposition to the other, particularly since Stahn repressed both kinds of opposition with equal ruthlessness and severity. A leach that cannot survive on its own merits.

We believe that this book does both these things. Already, by Junethe Soviet and Chinese leaders had reached an agreed assessment of Stalin and his distortions of communist doctrine. Gribanov also instructed members of his staff, posing as senior officials of various Soviet government departments, to establish personal contact with, and exercise political influence over, the ambassadors in Moscow of all the developing countries.

Anatolij disinformation operations bew controlled at the highest level of government.

Anatoliy Golitsyn

Communist opposition to Stalin was expressed over the years: The conclusion was reached that, if the factors that had previously served to forge a degree of Western cohesion — that is, communist ideological miHtancy and monolithic unity — were to be perceived by the West, respectively, as moderating and disintegrating and if, despite an increase in the bloc’s actual strength, an image was to be successfully projected of a bloc weakened by economic, political, and ideological disarray, then the Western response to communist policy would be feebler and less coordinated; actual Western tendencies toward disintegration might be provoked and encouraged, thereby creating conditions for a change in the balance of power in favor of the communist bloc.

Furthermore, given the depth of the crisis in the communist world and the intensity of the struggle for power in the Soviet leadership, if those changes had been pursued, they might have developed a momentum of their own and brought about a radical transformation of Soviet society regardless of the wishes of their initiators and with incalculable consequences for the Soviet Union and the rest of the communist and noncom-munist world.

In varying degrees they had all resented Stalin’s interference in their internal affairs and the rigid conformity he had demanded of them.

The value of reading this book is to see how ‘disinformation’ is used in our lives today. Under great duress, Nosenko failed two highly questionable lie detector tests but passed a third test monitored by several Agency departments.

After the conference, a number of organizational changes were made in the KGB. New channels were planned and created liess feeding disinformation to the West.

The counterintelligence directorate was enlai’ged.

But the important point to note is that anti-Stalinism has traditionally been embraced by many communists who have sought not to abolish the communist system, but to strengthen and purify it by eliminating certain elements in Stalin’s policy and practice. For example, we can allow the presence of three representatives of the non-working class in the body of 2, members. However “the development did not come to fruition,” according to the KGB file records. This happened in Hungary in To discover the answer, one must begin by examining the sources of information available to Western analysts.


In principle, these measures are not new; they are the concomitants of all totalitarian systems, which apply them with varying techniques and degrees of efficiency.

Anatoliy Golitsyn – Wikipedia

His first move was to turn the tables on the antiparty group by falsely, but successfully, pinning the Stalinist label on them. Golitsyn claims that the Soviet liberalisation was nothing than a tactic to deceive the West and to lessen the meassures the west golitshn against communism. In some areas Stalinism brought together the two kinds of opposition: The Great Soviet Encyclopaedia says that the word is taken from two French roots, de simplying removal or elimination, and information, meaning knowledge.

Experience had shown that the activities of the Comintern were handicapped by its identification as an instrument of Soviet policy. Interview with Pavel Stoilov. Judging the claim of not interrogating Oswald about the U-2 improbable, given Oswald’s familiarity with the U-2 program, and faced with further challenges to Nosenko’s credibility he was thought to have falsely claimed to be a lieutenant colonel, a higher rank than it was thought he heldAngleton did not object when David Murphy, then head of the Soviet Russia Division, ordered him held in solitary confinement for approximately three-and-a-half years.

In The Perestroika Deception Golitsyn doesn’t discuss what he knows concerning the Marxist co-option of the West the book is a dor collection of memorandum the author submitted to the CIA between and Octoberwhich is where this researcher fills in the gaps.

English Choose ajatoliy language for shopping. The communist world faced hostility from Western conservatives and sociahsts alike. Controlled anti-Stalinism could be used to help stabilize the regime; through propaganda emphasis on the distinctions between the new policy and Stalin’s policy, some internal and external opposition could be undermined. While working on the book he continued to bring to the attention of American and other Western authorities his views on the issues considered in it, and in allowed American and British officials to read the manuscript as it then stood.

Nosenko made two extremely controversial claims: The State Within a State: