Catteau la Métaphorique des utopies dans la littérature Russe et de son Traitement chez Andrej Platonov. Revue des Études Slaves, Vol. 56 (No. 1) ( ). Stalin called him scum. Sholokhov, Gorky, Pasternak, and Bulgakov all thought he was the bee’s knees. But when Andrei Platonov died in. View the profiles of people named Andrej Platonov. Join Facebook to connect with Andrej Platonov and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power.

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For many decades it was impossible for a Soviet writer to achieve fame in the west except through a major international scandal. Which brings me to my recommendation: Animal Characters in Russian Literature 24 Sep 15, Platonov’s bear “denounces” kulaks by sndrej outside a hut and roaring; in the late s an ethnographer working in the province of Kaluga recorded the belief that “a clean home, outside which a bear stops of his own accord, not going in but patonov to budge — that home is an unhappy home”.

Platonov himself contracted the disease while nursing his son. I’ve met people who have been deeply moved after first encountering him in a very poor translation indeed. Some of his work was published or reprinted during the s’ Khrushchev Thaw. New York Review of Books. No other work of literature means so much to me. Kurt Vonnegut – Mezbaha 5 -sayfa. It is for you and other readers to judge how much we have succeeded!


Because of his political writings, perceived anti-totalitarian stance, and early death from tuberculosis, some English-speaking commentators have called him “the Russian George Orwell “.

Vasily Grossmanfor example, was a close friend.

John Williams – Stoner -sayfa. But this game of make-believe had dragged on for a long time,for eternity, and nobody felt like laughing anymore. Andrei Platonov Average rating: Platonov had also begun writing poems, submitting them to papers in Moscow and elsewhere, and he was writing prolifically for local periodicals including Zheleznyi put’ Railroadthe paper of the local railway workers’ union, Krasnaia derevnia Red countryside and Voronezhskaia kommuna Voronezh communeofficial papers of the Voronezh Communist Party, and Kuznitsanational journal of the Smithy group of proletarian writers.

As a hammer in a forge, he is linked both to Stalin, whose name means “man of steel” and to Molotovwhose name means “hammerer”. He is certainly difficult to translate.

Andrej Platonov Research Papers –

Platonov viewed the world as embodying at the same time the opposing principles of spirit and matter, reason and emotion, nature and machine. Uncertainties of Spirit Cambridge, Eng. The best stories ruin us a little bit, briefly paralyze and stun us, then make us take a long walk or take to our beds.

We may be enjoying a story, we may even think that we will love it, that we do love it, but a promising short story that loses its nerves, that ends with a whimper or a lie, can leave us heartbroken, disillusioned, disgusted, not just with the story, but with the writer, the editor who published it, the magazine or publisher—anyone or anything associated with the weak-willed, phony piece of milquetoast.


As for your second question, you need to ask someone who is entirely aandrej and not involved in the work. This perhaps gives them a greater depth and complexity; their work contains no ready-made answers. More fun to ponder and puzzle out from these words, whose truth we sense instinctively, our own truth.

A History of Russian Literature. Discover new books on Goodreads. There were two reasons for retranslating it. Readers who encounter Platonov for the first time are often struck by his surreality: She lives in Evanston, Illiniois and is at work ajdrej a novel.

Andrej Platonov

One person was carrying mittens, another a bread roll, another a lump of sugar. They met frequently during Platonov’s last years and read their work out loud to each other.

Robert Chandler Goodreads Author Translator. The River Potudan 4. Carnivalization and Populism in the Soviet Modernist Novel: Anerej he didn’t believe they would.

The House of Government. Many years later I found out that this scene is also entirely realistic. A-Z Author Challenge – Animal Characters in Russian Literature.