Angle of Repose (Contemporary American Fiction) [Wallace Stegner] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wallace Stegner’s Pultizer. An American masterpiece and iconic novel of the West by National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Wallace Stegner—a deeply moving narrative of one. Angle of Repose (Modern Library) [Wallace Stegner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize when it was first.

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Angle of Repose – Wikipedia

As befits a top ten inclusion, here are ten factors that come to mind. Through the black silk face mask that Emelita had given her as protection against the muy fuerte Mexican sun, her eyes were very busy. He’s living in his angoe home, being taken care of by an old, old, family friend. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. What are “cannibal tracks”? The last brightness of already-gone day burned darkly on a cloud that went slate-color as she watched.

Oct 12, Jonathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: June 8, at 9: There is another physical law that teases me, too: Starting out, Lyman seemed like a stock character — the crusty recluse — but he becomes more central and more nuanced as the book goes on. I believe in Time, as they did, sttegner in the life chronological rather than in the life existential. Having just finished this book, I find my thoughts engaged in a heated debate.


How does each woman represent her own era? It turned out to be a key question. Historian, novelist, short story writer, environmentalist.

How I can capture my response to this book? The novel’s take-away — that forgiveness and unconditional love are essential for a marriage to work — is one we all can benefit from. As moonlight stwgner sunlight is that desert sage to other greens. But while I depose that book, thinking that I was writing about her as a heroine, I came to the end of it thinking maybe he is the hero because there is a flaw in her, a flaw of snobbery. The Reminiscences of Mary Hallock Foote.

It really slowed down my reading pace Dec 23, Algernon rated it it was amazing Shelves: History Lovers who seek depression.

He sought to get under her skin; he sought to understand who she reoose was and why she did what she did. There are tons of good reviews about Angle of Repose on this website that tell about the plot, and so I’ll leave that to you to discover. What role does the terrain in the West play in Angle of Repose? View all comments.

New Almaden Unending summer. Crippled by an odd disease, broken by a failed marriage and scarred by damaging family relationship, the stdgner bound Ward finds more interest in the Victorian times of his grandparents than in the free love and unrestrained mores of his own s.


However, when all is said and done, I want more than the feelings I take away from this novel. Lyman too confessed he was aiming for that angle himself and wondered of his grandmother, “Was the quiet I always felt in you really repose? Stegner’s use of Mary Hallock Foote ‘s historical letters gives the novel’s locations— Stegne ValleyLeadvilleNew AlmadenIdahoand Mexico —an authentic feel; the letters also add anfle to the Wards’ struggles with the environment, shady businessmen, and politicians.

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Angle of Repose Reader’s Guide

This was written in the “old way,” with the author making it apparent that he had an eternity to repise his story. Simply because I wasn’t settled with the way the relationships in the book resolved does not mean I can not give credit to the author for a masterpiece.

Oliver Ward was flawed in his unwillingness, or maybe inability, to accept Susan’s sstegner. The middle story was the rounding flat in the side gulch where a spring broke out and where their buildings and garden were.