Buy a cheap copy of Animate Me book by Ruth Clampett. Free shipping over $ Quickie Review: Animate Me by Ruth Clampett I think what kept me from connecting to Brooke was that she seemed to be too many people. I’m honored to have my book, Animate Me, included in this group. Nathan . Fall in love with a geeky animator in Ruth Clampett’s Animate Me.

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Animate Me is funny, silly, romantic, some drama and trepidation, cheer worthy for the under dog, and most importantly, a really good read.

The characters were so fun and her insight into the animation world was spot on. This story was so unique and different that it was refreshing. Will Brooke stand by Arnaulds side or will she give her heart to Nathan? If you are looking for a heartfelt romance that is a little different from the norm then you will love Animate Me.

I loved Nathan’s dad. He was passionate, caring, determined and never gave up his quest for the woman he loved. Posted by Valerie Fink at 2: There’s plenty of instances where I find that the couple in a novel is really sweet and likable, but I can’t feel their “connection”.

Wow… Totally can’t wait to read this! This sounds like a nice summer read. Animate Me is not one of them. A former Twilight FF with the same name, before it got published.

Ruth Clampett Writes

I just could not wait to coffee time each day in the story to see what Nathan drew. Her relationship with Arnauld was not a good one and it was so frustrating to see her stay with him and at times I felt like she was taking advantage of Nathan at times and he was such a good guy that I wanted him to have happiness.


I love when I can see the authors vision. I knew nothing about most of them, so all I had was the title and author. Even the secondary characters add a lot of flavor to calmpett story.

I tried the FF link that I have bookmarked but the author ha Note: I think the only way to really explain it is rith it to those moments in movies where you see all the people a hero has made friends with along the way to help with a “final battle”. Really look forward to more from this very talented story teller.

I am in love with the illustrations and quotes.

Animate Me

The super cute nerd hero and his awkwardness 3. B girl is actually based on Brooke Tobin, a woman who is not quite comfortable in her own ruht, an executive at Anmate Republic whom Nathan wors I had the honor and privilege to read an advanced readers copy of Animate Me the first novel by contemporary romance author Ruth Clampett.

She was a beautiful woman who hid her geekdom underneath expensive clothing and professional obligations.

I learned so much about the animation world through reading Animate Me. Nathan also listens to her, he pays her compliments, he tells her how talented and smart she is but the one thing that most touched me was the way he loves her just the way she is.


Animate Me is a truly unique romance. That’s how Nathan creates his own comic book, B-Girl, a heroine inspired by Brooke.

While Nathan pulls out all the stops to win his B-girl, Brooke has to choose. Will Nathan ever get his girl? Surrounded by clmpett her whole life, Ruth is able to present a real life representation of this lively world. Threatened by his persistence, Arnauld plays dirty animahe only to spark an uprising at the studio that unleashes the sort of havoc only a building full of frustrated animators can create.

When you finally give into the temptation, build up the nerve and talk to her, it’s like magic.

Animate Me by Ruth Clampett

In Christian’s own words, and through his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E L James offers a fresh perspective on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the world.

That being said, I really liked that Clampett gives the reader a chance to look into that fascinating world!

Not to mention the incredibly unlikely ugly-duckling transformation of the main character. Apr 09, Christi rated it it was amazing Shelves: He will bring her coffee and woo her.