ANTEROGRADE TOMORROW. Anterograde Tomorrow is an AU RPF fanfiction in the EXO fandom. The plot revolves around D.O, an anterograde amnesiac who falls in love with Kai, a dying . Yeah it’s an amazing story; sad to see it go but I understand her reasons. If you are really curious about it. rs/.

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Whether or not the author disapproved the adaptation of her fanfiction to a movie isn’t explicitly stated but it’s said in a blurry manner that after a discussion with the author the project of the film has been disproved and will be ceased. This is the story which deserves to be published in every language in the world. I liked the way it talks about the perspective of characters.

Anterograde tomorrow.pdf

To m This is the tomorros fanfiction I’ve ever read. I wish “changdictator” was more proud of this fanfic. I have no idea why this fic made a lot of people cry because I sure as hell did not shed a single tear maybe I’m just cold blooded but I really enjoyed the fic.

Anterograde tomorrow will always have a place in my heart. It is a very good story, very original. But after reading this book, I experienced it myself.

One day he could wake up and just forget about the book completely. All these frustrations added up by this beautifully written story just destroys my life.


The sadness in this story is the most awful kind: I honestly don’t know what this fanfiction is anterpgrade on this website. Viiiince HappyYeriDay Haha great minds think alike! Never have I sobbed s I anterogeade believe this piece of diamond is in Goodreads, and it makes me feel super nostalgic and super wanting to re-read this brilliant story yet again bad news: Nov 15, Diana Lynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: It made me cry so much: Moreover, it must be unbearably painful for Kyungsoo to find out that his best friend is dead, only to forget about it and then having to learn about it again and again and anterograse.

It’s such a good story and not just as a fan fiction. And if you’re going to do so, prepare your tissues. Empathize and imagine all the pain and emotions vividly as if they were your own. yomorrow

This was seriously one of the saddest, most heartbreaking things I’ve ever read and such a favorite. The sadness in this story is the most One of the most beautiful pieces of writing, one of the most beautiful and heartrending and sad stories I’ve read in my life, if not the most beautiful. Needless to say, I cried my self to sleep after reading it and I had never cried for a book before.

I was kind of shocked to see AT in Goodreads. I still bawl my eyes out every time I re-read it.

Where can I read Anterograde Tomorrow?

I cannot highly recommend this to anyone enough. Maybe in the future the project will start again, but for now the project will be shut down. I really love the words Jongin says and the way he carries himself etc.


This fanfiction changed my life. I would’ve loved watching it but to my knowledge the author didn’t approve or like the idea of it becoming a movie, which changes my mentality on the subject.

Oh my God I can’t believe this is on Goodreads!

Anterograde Tomorrow / Fan Fic – TV Tropes

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the characters. Tomorro review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It made me fall in love with literature. Jongin, the boy who has recently moved next door, claims to be an author anrerograde to write Kyungsoo’s life into a book. You just need to google them up to see their real appearance and you’re all set and oh, you must be emotionally prepared.

Jul 31, Ghea rated it it was amazing. Not only is it splendidly written, but it also depicts a deeply emotional and incredibly well-layered love story, despite being only a few pages long, which makes it even better in tomorow opinion. Trivia About Anterograde Tomorrow. But just imagine if he suddenly forgot to look in his notebook one morning?