Anthills of the Savannah has ratings and reviews. Jan-Maat said: Lord Acton’s Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely plus life a. Anthills of the Savannah. Chinua Achebe. Published ONE. _First Witness– Christopher Oriko__. ‘YOU’RE WASTING EVERYBODY’S TIME, Mr. Anthills of the Savannah, Achebe’s first novel in more than 20 years, continues his exploration and condemnation of political corruption in.

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Journal of New African Writing. After a few objections, Ikem promises to oblige. The man-hunt for Chris continues even as Beatrice tries to console Elewa just to pacify her own grief. For instance, her father has a famous whip and her mother pushes Beatrice away violently. Beatrice is a Senior Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and an old friend of anghill two major male characters and a lover of Chris.

Anthills of the Savannah

For conducting a state burial for Chris, I can say that General Lango’s ideology, mentality and orientation are quite different from that of his former boss, Major Sam. First of all, the title itself is symbolic. In anger and despair, Braimoh runs after the trigger-happy cop but cannot apprehend him. He decides to crusade against public executions immediately after attending one as a representative of the state-owned newspaper.

In other words, Major Sam uses him to engineer and carry out most of his dastardly acts in the novel. The plot was an interesting idea, but it was decidedly more of a chore to get through than Green Grass.



Chris recognizes that the end is approaching speedily. There is a rumour that he is one of the smugglers with fifty companies and a bank. Copyrights Anthills of the Savannah from BookRags. In another story in the novel, a mythological woman counts until seven Achebe Chris and his companions disembark from the bus and join the other passengers to have a meal at a nearby restaurant.

Ikem is driven by compassion for Kangan’s underclass. Recovering from several fits of apprehensions, Beatrice summons enough courage to go to work but she has to return by a taxi because she mistakenly locked her car keys inside. After Ikem has been carefully assassinated by the power-drunk military junta, Chris is the next target of elimination as he is declared wanted by the police who accuse him of exposing the excesses of the government to foreign media.

Ze sturen een keurige delegatie, maar dit is precies de stok die Zijne Excellentie nodig heeft om een hond mee te slaan.

Anthills of the Savannah – Wikipedia

Today’s conflict in the Niger Delta replete with a Ken Saro Wiwa like character in the book is aptly personified in a series of conversations led by an intrepid duo of newspaper men. He is the new Head of State of Kangan after the coup. The two men now know who their enemy is.

However, Achebe’s achievements are most concretely reflected by his prominence in Nigeria’s academic culture and in its literary and political institutions.

Chris who is also Commissioner for Information in the governmentBeatrice an official in the Ministry of Financeand Ikem newspaper editor critical of the regime. She is Ikem’s neighbour’s wife. Two years prior to the novel savanhah, there was a coup in Africa that put the current President, His Excellency into power. General Lango’s gesture might just be one of such tactics.


It is this abuse of power Achebe is much concerned about. In the novel, the Tidal Wave may represent the dreams of the Nigerian people, despite their oppressors.

The storyline is reflective of Africa’s prevailing political ethos: Now that Ikem is killed and the manhunt for Chris has resumed, the reader is quite curious to know what is going to happen next. Savanbah Eleven Sequel to the security reports that Ikem has conspired with his townsmen from Abazon to scuttle his government; Major Sam summons Chris to his office and orders him to serve Ikem a letter of suspension. He became fascinated with world religions and traditional African cultures, and began writing stories as a university student.

Anthills of the Savannah Summary & Study Guide

Louise is frigid and for this reason; she cannot make a good wife. Beatrice opens his eyes by telling Ikem that his politics and his svaannah Oct 08, Linda rated it really liked it.

However, the point Mr Achebe is making here is that these so-called semi illiterate transporters are capable of profound and philosophical thoughts that can arrest any intellectual mind like Chris. Read more from the Study Guide. Remember me on this computer.