“If Harry Potter has given you a thirst for fantasy and you have not discovered the magic of Terry Brooks, you are in for a treat.”—Rocky Mountain News. If Harry Potter has given you a thirst for fantasy and you have not discovered the magic of Terry Brooks, you are in for a treat.”—Rocky. Title: The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax Author(s): Terry Brooks ISBN: 1- / (USA edition) Publisher: Availability: Amazon .

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Yet both seek Walker Boh—with hrooks fate of the Four Lands hanging in the balance. Both my eighteen-year-old son and my five-year-old grandson are right at home on the computer, using them the same way you and I use the telephone. More By and About This Author. Edmunds rated it it was amazing Shelves: Antrax was much better than Isle Witch. It is alive, but not human, coveting the magic of Druids, elves, even the Ilse Witch. Part of the reason for leaving a series and coming antfax to it later is to let that excitement build for awhile anttax not to go stale with doing too much of the same thing.

Almost every form of fiction now feels free to borrow from the conventions of fantasy. I would never do this on my own, and so far none of my kids have applied for the job. The group is now splintered into about five or six smaller groups.

Antrax · Terry Brooks · Könyv · Moly

Are they obsolete or do they still serve a purpose? Stay in Touch Sign up. Sep 18, Minutes. I only discovered Brooks a few years ago, starting with the original Shannara series published in a single volume. Sure, what they go through is more extreme, but it is essentially our story.


In these books the plot is more complex, the characters while still somewhat typecast are more interesting and the writing is smoother. The real story is about Walker and the Druids and their role in the future of the lands. How can the next book ever hope to pick up where this left off? On the other hand Walker Boh as the Druid’s name is on the mark. In the end, it only paves the way for an amazing conclusion to the trilogy.

For Brooks fans who have struggled through Isle Witch Antrax is a breath of fresh air in this trilogy. Yes, I did locate the next Terry Brooks, and I am happy to report that I tracked him down and did him in.

The characters–namely Bek, Ahren, and Quentin–really evolve in this novel. Something that hunts men for its own designs: The general plot was quite good.

The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax

Voyage of the Jerle Shannara 3 books. However, when the Great War broke out, the last of its gerry returned, and gave Antrax its final task: My only real issue with Antrax was that the story kept going back and forth. Then add so many twists and turns that completely blindsided me and an end I still can’t get over. Pro I loved this book. Too many characters whom none of which I cared for. Neither groundbreaking nor recycled, this book is simply a good read. Looking for More Great Reads?

The main characters are: The book could easily have been pages shorter. Cover art of Antrax. Certainly, the internet is going to be important for writers.

Makes you really think about mankind progress. He sure found a way to make you feel that the characters in this book, out of the entire Shannara serieswere human; flawed to the core and never getting what they want or need, but developing and adapting throughout the experience.


I kind of cheated because I read the brkoks following the next one before this one, so I know who survives and who doesn’t. The Druids are the keepers and givers of knowledge, historians broois definition, but magicians of a sort, too.

Oct 28, Ian yarington rated it it was amazing. Why you should pick it up: What I need to persuade me that this is a good idea is a story that will carry the day.

I think this was my favorite of the series thus far. After I took a look and we met, I agreed. This one I feel is not one of those. Praise for The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: This last installment of the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy, which chronicles the exploits of the remaining adventurers who set out in Ilse Witch and staggered through the tribulations of Antraxmay not be up to the standard of bestseller Brooks’s early work Sword of Shannaraetc. It is amazing that a person wrote a book decades ago and tied it in so well in this series and Armageddons Children!

Technology and magic collide in this middle section of The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara that is full of terrific character embellishments and unforseen events to make for an exhilerating read.

They go home to the Four Lands. How involved are you in the site? Abosolutely worth the read. It was hard to put this book down.