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He remained under the particular influence of his beloved mother who died prematurely on 17 January His first experiences in the theatre came when he was a pupil at the St. He left school in without ever completing his final exams and decided to join the theatre, considering it the only way in which he could quickly make his mark.

It was Schiller who conceived his pseudonym, Osterwa, which was taken from the name of a mountain in the Tatras.

His development accelerated after he moved to a theatre in Wilno Vilnius in autumn He remained a member for two years and quickly became a favourite on the Warsaw stages known for being a charming lover in comedies.


On 14 Marchhe married the outstanding and beautiful actor, Wanda Malinowska who died on 22 January Gradually he was able to exert antygonw on the Russian executive of the Warsaw Governmental Theatres and thus convinced them to undertake reforms which were, however, cut short by the events of the war.

Antygona : Sofokles :

On 4 Julyas an Austrian subject, Osterwa, together with his wife and many other people was forced to leave for the depths of Russia.

Initially he settled in Samara where, on Christmas Evetogether with the stage designer Wincenty Drabik, he prepared a Nativity play. At the same time as working in Reduta, he did not give up other tasks and functions.

He eventually relinquished this role, however, discouraged by the lack of support from the authorities and also due to conflicts within the group. Antygoja he dedicated himself fully to Reduta, where he initiated new forms of activities. Heavily ill with stomach cancer, he nevertheless carried on working.


He made his final stage appearance on 25 November in the role of Fantazy.

He died on 10 May Osterwa is currently considered one of the leading representatives and creators of twentieth-century Polish theatrical arts, while his legacy, particularly his notes, remains relatively unexplored, thus permitting many new discoveries to be made.

Regardless of how we might judge opracoaanie ideas particularly his controversial views from the s, which were influenced by conservative and nationalist thoughtOsterwa is one of the most worthy embodiments of the ethics of the theatre, of faith in the theatre and of dedication to experiments carried out using the dramatic arts. O zespole Reduty — WspomnieniaWarszawa Pierwsza Reduta OsterwyWarszawa