Aphis (Aphis) citricola in Schmidt S, Monje J C. Taxon list of Hymenoptera from Germany compiled in the context of the GBOL project. Staatliche. Species Aphis citricola Van Der Goot, contains: Subordinate Taxa, Rank, Verified Standards Met, Verified Min Standards Met, Unverified, Percent. An examination of the original material of Aphis citricola v.d. Goot, a species described in from Chile but later erroneously sunk and eventually widely.

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Aphis spiraecola (Spirea aphid)

Establishment of Cirticola axyridis on citrus and some data on its phenology in Greece. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, 97 1: Komazaki studied the relationship between temperature and incubation period on diapause in the eggs of two races of A.

Host plant range is large and many wild species can act as reservoirs for crop infestation. Studies on integrated control in a newly established citrus orchard in Cukurova.

Great Lakes Entomologist, 25 1: It is of particular economic significance in young citrus orchards and on soft-skinned citrus varieties Miller, ; Barbagallo, Title Cauda and siphunculi.


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Agricultural Research Citricoa of Kerala, 25 2: Korean Journal of Applied Entomology, 34 2: Leaves with heavy feeding damage are reduced in size, and can die prematurely. Aphid transmission of plum pox potyvirus: Effect of temperature on the biology of Aphis spiraecola Homoptera: Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid ; apterous vivipara, cauda and siphunculi.

University of Illinois Extension Hort Answers. Stem bandages soaked with insecticide have been used in citrus orchards. The confusion with A.

Aphids as crop pests [ed. Boletin de Sanidad Vegetal, Plagas, 21 4: Conservation biological control of spirea aphid, Aphis spiraecola Hemiptera: It has a preference for ovipositing in A.

The natural enemy complex of the tea and green citrus aphids on citrus in Adzharia. For example, Furk described A. Primary winter hosts are Spiraea spp. Further complication has arisen in the Far East through A.

Basu M; Patro B, Aphididae Homoptera from the forest edge: In apple, the undersides of leaves need to be inspected for the presence of aphids. Aphids in natural and managed ecosystems.


synonym Aphis (Aphis) citricola: Aphid Species File

Obst- und Weinbau, During warm weather, the aphid gives birth to live young that are all females. Aphidoidea caught in traps: Aphhis is a highly polyphagus species that occurs on hosts belonging to more than 20 families, including Amaranthaccae, Caprifoliaccae, Compositae, Euphorbiaccac, Rosaccae, Rubiaccae, Rutaceae, Urticaceae and Verbenaceac but is of particular importance on citrus.

The parasitoid Aphelinus spiraecolae, which has a preference for A. Biocontrol of aphids by the introduced Lysiphlebus testaceipes Cress. Occasionally in Illinois usually during hot, humidweather a fungus will attack and kill the aphids. For example, on citrus, aphid colonies cause curling, crinkling and distortion of young leaves.