Appetite for Self-Destruction by Steve Knopper – For the first time, Appetite for Self -Destruction recounts the epic story of the precipitous rise and fall of. Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age: : Steve Knopper: Books. Steve Knopper. · Rating details · ratings · reviews. For the first time, Appetite for Self-Destruction recounts the epic story of the precipitous rise and.

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That is where Appetite for Self-Destruction begins… Appetite for Self-Destruction is divided into time frames depicting how each era in the recording industry led up to or was effected by the digital wave and eminent crash of the industry as we knew it.

In “Appetite”, Steve Knopper spells out the ways major record labels willfully ignored or attacked digital music advancements that threatened their entrenched way of doing things.

It offers a broad perspective on the current state of Big Music, how it got into these dire straits, and where it’s going from here—and a cautionary tale for the digital age. Despite being repeatedly given different technologies and opportunities knoppwr harness digital file sharing systems at the outset, record execs took years to appetihe around to inevitabilities like downloading music singles online.

Still, there’s plenty of “meat” here, and plenty of insider accounts to add spice fo the story though Apple’s Steve Jobs is a conspicuous absence.

The most important music business guy behind the success of Thriller was Yetnikoff, a coke-addicted, fastliving, bomb-throwing, disrespectful, disloyal provocateur. Major labels were knopepr so much money, and were so greedy about their condescending attitudes toward fans, that the ensuing industry seizure feels less like a downfall and more like a cor Apptite nice survey of the music industry from the s til now. Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing”? This book is part hard journalism; part celebrity gossip.


Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age

Almost thirty years later, the idea of furiously hating disco seems ridiculous. Buddah managed to release this album the day of the city’s ticker-tape parade for the Miracle Mets, and an album of gimmick songs like a version of the Damn Yankees show tune “You Gotta Have Heart” sold nearly 1. This was the s, so rather than having him arrested for stalking, she used personal connections to knpper him a morning-show job at a struggling station as far away knoppwr possible, in Detroit.

I’m continually amazed that the record industry got away with as much crap as they did, for as long as they did How was it that an incredibly 4. I’m not a huge music consumer, but it doesn’t take a genius to self-desgruction figure out something has gone terribly wrong in the music industry in the last 10 years.

One by one, they jumped over the barrier, then climbed fifteen feet down to the field. Soon that minor gold rush had faded. He scored a few DJ gigs appdtite married a young woman who’d called one night to request Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne. It was a recipe for music-business disaster, and inlabels started to crash. As always, stebe labels went where the sales were, and for much of the late s, that was disco. He openly rebelled against his superiors at CBS.

Appetite for Self-Destruction eBook by Steve Knopper | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The art work, the actual physicality of the cd itself, and especially I love albums over singles. Apperite eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. He grew up in Brooklyn, the son of a painter with a hot temper and a sympathetic mother who cleaned his wounds whenever his father knocked him around. MTV cofounder Bob Pittman remembers the history a little differently. During their unrelenting prosecution of Napster, they passed on a huge opportunity to partner and turn it into a profit making machine they could control.


Maybe they could have lost less money, and generated less ill will from customers suing individuals for pirating music probably isn’t the best PR strategy for instancebut ultimately it seems as though the ups and downs track the changes in technology.

Jul 28, Luka Brandi rated it really liked it. Almost overnight, Dahl turned his new station’s ratings around. Nov 27, Justin rated it really liked it. All Wppetite getting for 99 cents is a digital file, no CD, no case, no artwork. No consistency was evident. That part of the plan was not popular. Key takeaway from the book: Live music began to thrive again,” Dahl says.

Nobody wanted to wear appetitte bellbottoms,” Duncan says. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

They called Walter “Velvel,” his Yiddish name. Jul 21, David rated it liked it. With unforgettable portraits of the music world’s mighty and formerly mighty; detailed accounts of both brilliant and stupid ideas brought to fruition or left on the cutting-room floor; the dish on backroom schemes, negotiations, and brawls; and several previously unreported stories, Appetite for Self-Destruction is a riveting, informative, and highly entertaining read.

That said, the book is an easy read, engaging at all times. No trivia or quizzes yet.