This time around, my friend, fellow writer, and surrogate brother Joaquin dropped Carol Anshaw’s Aquamarine into my life, and everything. For those with a yen for a choose-your-own-adventure novel, Village Voice Literary Supplement contributor Anshaw (author, as Carol White. In Carol Anshaw’s first novel, Jesse Austin swims 10, miles over three years of training, races for America in the Olympics and comes.

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I liked it that the author didn’t introduce any devices in the book, such as time travel or amnesia, to make us think THIS life is the real one, and THAT life was an imagined one. InJesse Austin took the silver medal for the hundred-meter freestyle in Mexico City. The c I initially gave this book three stars, but upon further reflection I’m bumping it up to four.

Carol Anshaw born March is an American novelist and short story writer.

Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw – FictionDB

Carol Anshaw does it beautifully in Aquamarine, a story that begins with Olympic swimmer Jesse Austin, seduced and consequently edged out for a gold medal by her Australian rival, Marty. Whichever life I wind up with, I want to make sure happiness is woven into it.

It took some strain for me to finish. I don’t want to give too much away, but I must say that the second life described is the aqkamarine that is preferable to me, although I feel that the first one is probably more likely than the second.

Very sensitively written novel centered around Jesse Austin, whose second place finish in Olympic swimming decades ago lost against a anshaa manages to haunt her very existence to current day. It was a super-fast read, because you just couldn’t get enough of the story – you just HAD to know what aquqmarine of life she would live next, what kind of compromises she would make in the major decisions that make up a lifetime until she finally admitted her own truth to herself.


Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw | booksaremyfavouriteandbest

After that moment, and the ones that immediately follow in which Marty is awarded the event’s gold medal and Jesse the silver, Jesse’s future seems almost irrelevant. She shows us that trauma casts long shadows that haunt us, until we find the courage to confront it, but don’t expect a neat, predictable ending here. Be the first to discover new talent! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Jesse has an interesting story about the difficulty of succeeding hugely as an adolescent, and the way that early loves can affect all the relationships that follow.


By giving the reader three life narratives of a single character, an Olympic swimmer whose passion for a competitor cost her the gold medal, Anshaw raises a provocative query about how our perceptions of a single event can shape every aspect of the rest of our lives.

The book took place during the pre-Internet Although I try not to bring home too many discarded books from the library, this was among the few I let in.

Some facts stayed the same. In the first life, Jesse watches the soap opera and makes a remark about the bandage that has been on Kit’s hand for months. Jun 04, Danielle Franco-Malone rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is a dream.

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It was interesting to see that, no matter how different the lives, how many similarities amongst them there are. I know that this book has a lot of great reviews, but I had a hard time getting invested in the stories.

As soon as all of these questions are raised, the author provides us with different versions of Jesse’s life, had she followed one of these other paths. Please provide an email address. Jul 24, Jane rated it it was ok.

Book Report: Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The characters and settings were vivid, and each of Jesse’s “lives” was fully realized and convincing. There is no scale, no formula to predict how certain events affect any one person.

How do you measure trauma? This book so deserves 5 stars! She has a surrogate mom, Hallie, and her brother is mentally disabled. This book was about something I think about all the time – how decisions in your early adulthood can shape the rest of your life.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. That was almost 25 years ago, and all of us have a very different sensibility now. Skip to content I love the serendipity of having the right book come to you at the right time.