my analysis of Arbitrage, a kaisoo fanfic by fumerie. If anyone has not yet read the monstrosity that is Arbitrage please go and read it NOW. After you have. arbitrage, fumerie akiirameta. kaisoo fanfic rec – graphics. arbitrage // anterograde tomorrow // what a beautiful mess this is // waxing & waning: two moons. also message me if you’re interested in a chinese translation. I only finished transla | Tags: kaisoo livejournal analysis mindblown arbitrage.

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Anyway, I don’t know Barely enough for two, but it’d have to do.

Then you go and race down some skyway at kmh with some crazy kids at two in the morning. I can’t find the link anymore. It was a helpful supplement to the written explanation of time traveling, especially in distinguishing the three Kxisoo. Deaths to be reported. Every time that Kai is at the apartment with Kyungsoo, that is Kyungsoo wild card from Ferrari crash eight-month jump.

Or rather, Kyungsoo thinks Arrbitrage must be rolling his eyes, since his head is still submerged somewhere under the hood of Kyungsoo’s new Genesis. Kyungsoo stands at the feet of the building, looking up, staring at the open windows, feeling slightly bewildered and lost. The drizzling rain isn’t enough to soak him through, but the cold dampness sends chills through his body, the weather seeping through the layers of his clothes.

He grins wildly as Kris elbows him in the ribs to get him off. Baekhyun is the kind of person that dances in the car at every red light, even when dancing means waving your arms and bobbing your kaissoo around like an octopus.


Basic single items for the basic single life. This is Normal Kyungsoo, who has just joined the race team. The venue changes every year.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If Kai had not crashed the Ferrari, there would be no Kyungsoo wild card at all.

kaisoo arbitrage | Tumblr

It’s really hard to choose the best one though. There are a total of three Kyungsoos here, at least for the majority of this story. Kyungsoo hisses arbitrags rain drops hit the scraped open skin. Crazy shit – they found his car smashed down the side of a mountain. You’ve got the potential, and you’re a nobody, so they don’t know what you’re capable of.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Better than the guy who littered broken glass across your backyard last time. Ice blue z is Minseok.

The author who wrote this is truly a genius. He has to take a few deep breaths, trying to decide where he is. This theory is more accurately called the many-worlds interpretation.

You know, smiley guy, killer cheekbones, part of M team? You could be our secret seed. And they both slam down on the gas. Pls do reply me nd help me clear dis atbitrage. Three-car pile-up in Sowon-gil. Kyungsoo lets out a small breath, killing the engine and pulling off his seatbelt, getting out of the car. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are sitting on top of it, Chanyeol crunching loudly on a handful of bbq-flavoured chips while Baekhyun surreptitiously steals his chips from the bag every five seconds.

I need you to understand me on this. Keep the hell out of his way if you don’t want to end up in a ditch off the road with the metal wreckage of your car! Eyes straight ahead, a long stretch arbitrave windswept highway rising up above concrete buildings and dark mountains, illuminated by street lights and headlights. The track would be a little crowded for this round. This is the beauty of it – the entire story itself is a loop. A little bit of thrill.


AT is obviously the most popular xp heard somebody made it into 1D version or is it another fic? Maybe it was arnitrage me who was confused. I just saw him at the garage yesterday.

[exo] Arbitrage (1/3)

Kyungsoo may go back an infinite number of times to try to revise it, but what arbitragr have read is already the last revision. Always so pristine, so perfectly presented. The tire treads on the front screech loudly against the asphalt as his back wheels lose traction and start to drift.

I kind of don’t have a place at the moment. Good drivers are a dime a dozen, you need someone a little out of control. Time to whip out the paradoxes.

The tall man calmly lets his arms fall and then brings them up in a slow clapping motion. They have the same engines, same mods, same everything. What does it matter anyway? Then there is the last Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo Wilcard, who crashed the ferrari with Kai and has been thrown back eight months.

Rain drops sprinkle on the back of his head.