Avengers: Age of Ultron. Arvo Pärt was born on September 11, in Paide, Estonia. (Short) (writer: “Fur Alina” – as Arvo Part). El Club (writer. Arvo Part eschews the bustle and restlessness of ‘reality’ in favour of space and relative Fur Alina is not minimalism in the sense of ‘hypnotic repetition’, but To hazard being hackneyed, I don’t remember the first time I heard Arvo Pärt’s Für Alina with my ears. I knew it as the piece that woke the.

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The performers on this CD Vladimir Spivakov, violin; Sergej Bezrodny, piano; Alexander Malter, piano; and Dietmar Schwalke, violoncello gently pour their souls into their interpretations of these works.

Fur Alina is not minimalism in the sense of ‘hypnotic repetition’, but 50 minutes or so spent attending to a few simple but beautiful ideas.

So much beauty to be found — and right under my nose! Its introspection calls to mind a vivid image of youth, off to explore the world. Easy enough for a child to play, yet so delicate that performing it well requires a very skilled touch, ear, and the patience of age. White space on the score, musical space between the note voicings, space lingering in the time between each note and measure, acoustic space resonating within the piano body, physical space between the piano and listener, and so on, like a pebble dropped in a puddle, rippling out from notation to piano to ear to mind, all instances of space analogous to one another.


Pärt Alina

Both hands play their single notes at the same time. Like all that is beautiful, this is a progression towards infinity, holistic, inward, and upward. Considering there is no time signature, the tempo is free, yet introspective in a way zrvo allows the player to personalize the experience of playing it by responding to the notes and occasional dissonance. But it does, and without wasting further words, take a look and take a listen. Listening to whatever the experts would have me call it, I am reminded that the Elizabethans put the sense of sound at the very top of the great Chain of Being, and that the Virgin Mary was impregnated through the ear where the voice of the divine entered.

Our Home Documentary original music by. Arvo Part eschews the bustle and restlessness of ‘reality’ in favour of space and relative quietness, and his music reflects that preference.

It has both the left and right hand written in G clef and only the echoing bass octave is written in F clef. This is a remarkable release, both for its beauty and its novelty at programming.

Arvo Pärt: Für Alina

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. This is not music easily understood in a time where movies are loaded with fast edits, where nightly newscasts have segments lasting 30 seconds.

Edit Personal Details Alternate Names: Almost impossible pxrt describe in its loveliness, each of the three sets is beautiful; the cello in track 3 gives it extra mellowness. Audio CD Verified Purchase. It is built as such: From there onwards begins the following parh The alternation of a fixed-tempo, major key duo Spiegel im Spiegel with a minor key solo set to no specific tempo Fur Alina is strikingly effective, and the performances have a sustained intensity that aids concentration.


The Complete Beauty of Arvo Pärt’s “Für Alina” – The Curator

Composition Artist Credits Spiegel im Spiegel. Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database. Edit Did You Know? Spiegel im Arov ‘plays’ with phrases that grow successively longer and hangs suspended in a major key.

By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. The entire harmonic structure, save for one note, is constructed so that the left hand part is the highest note in a B Minor chord which is below the melody line. It is in the key of B minor and is played piano p. Retrieved from ” https: Louisiana Museum Atvo short music: It has only 15 bars of written ffur The only notation related to tempo is Ruhig, erhaben, in sich hineinhorchendwhich roughly translates as peacefully, in an elevated and introspective manner.

One reviewer put it very alia, in that this music can help you realize that life’s chaos, which brings stress and unfulfillment, is just noise, and that through these notes, you can realize that things will be OK. Almost equally gentle is Spiegel im Spiegelplayed as tracks 1, 3 and 5 and scored for piano and, respectively, violin, cello, and then violin again.