Al-Wahidi’s Asbab Al-Nuzul, presented here in complete English translation for the first time ever, is the third work in The Great Commentaries on the Holy. Perhaps the best-known of these texts is the Asbab al-Nuzul of Ali ibn Ahmad al- Wahidi, which is regularly reprinted alongside the text of the Quran. Buy Al-Wahidi’s Asbab Al-nuzul: v. 3: The Great Commentaries of the Holy Qur’an by Ali Ibn Ahmad Al-Wahidi (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book.

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Asbab al-nuzul

This was revealed about the Jews of Medina and the Christians of Najran. However, he al-wahiid them to. Allah forbid that other than Allah Himself be worshipped or that we be commanded to worship other than Allah. When they all gathered, he said: CooperOxford University Press,pp.

Full text of “Asbab Al Nuzul By Al Wahidi”

An example of this is the Story of Khawlah bint Thalabah who went to the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, to complain about her husband and about whom it was revealed: A seemingly proscriptive verse may be made merely polemical by interpretation, while a seemingly non-proscriptive verse may have actual legal import. The earliest and the most important work in this genre is undoubtedly Kitab asbab al-Nuzul “Book of occasions of revelation” of Ali ibn Ahmad al-Wahidi d.

Malik ibn al-Dayf and Wahb ibn Yahudha, both of them Jews, had said to them: Do you not go in between the Safa and Marwah? They became angry and said: Will you then revert to that which you used to do when you were disbelievers?


Divorce muCt be pronounced twice and then a woman mu it be retained in honour or released in kindness One day, he passed by a group of Companions of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, from the Aws and the Khazraj who were gathered in an assembly and talking, and was infuri- ated to see their unity, friendliness and reconciliation when they were enemies in the pre-Islamic period.

Qutbah ibn Amir al-Ansari who was with him went out right behind him.

Additionally, the Jews manifested their enmity to the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, and a number of wealthy people were hypocrites in secret. The second sabab provides conflicting ethnological data, stating that the practice was instituted by Muhammed in opposition to the pagans’ sacrifices to their idols.

Many of the people of the Scripture long to make you disbelievers after your belief And because it was a dark night we could not determine the precise direction of the qiblah. When Allah, exalted is He, made His religion Strong and its supporters plenteous, we said to each other, in secret from the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace: Indeed, in some indances — like in Surah al-Fil and al-Maidah, 5: Take not for intimates others than your own folk He informed him that one day the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, summoned the Jews and asked them about a certain matter.

One of them would say to his brother-in-law, relatives or Muslims with whom they had milk relations: He did not come to us to lead the night prayer until one third of the night had elapsed. After informing his fellow companions about the content of the letter, he told them that the Prophet inftrudted him not to coerce any one of them to follow him. The Byzantine kings also held him in high esteem, financed him and built for him churches because of his knowledge and dedication.


His wife went out to get something [to eat]. I had informed the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, that I had lice in my head [while I was in a State of ritual consecration]. For this reason they devised the following supplication: The young man did as he was told which caused people to dilute with and boaft to each other to the extent that two men from the two tribes — Aws ibn Qaydhi of the Banu Harithah clan of Aws and Jabbar ibn Sakhr of the Banu Salamah clan of the Khazraj — exchanged words and one of them said to the other: The right direction is henceforth didind from error Select Translation Selections include: He later regretted this and sent to his people to ask the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, whether his repentance would be accepted since he regrets his apostasy.

We will summon our sons and al-wahido sons Wahidi’s work is not only the first attempt to collect all the material regarding the occasions of revelation in one single volume, but it is also the standard upon which all subsequent works were based.

The Christians on the other hand said: