Assault on the Liberty: The True Story of the Attack by Israel For shipment anywhere else in the world, please email [email protected] for details. You may also. : ASSAULT ON THE LIBERTY: pp Illus “The true story of the Israeli attack on an American intelligence ship.” Presentation copy signed by “a. This fifth edition of Assault on the Liberty should be read by all James M. Ennes , Jr. .. deck, to the room I now shared with Jim O’Connor.

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John strapason rated it it was amazing Dec 29, He had been a naval aviator in World War II and therefore had insight beyond that of one qualified only in the law.

These data were forwarded to the Fleet Operations Control Center. Divisioncodenamed ” Pagoda “, was under the command of Commander Moshe Oren. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The other four torpedoes missed the ship.

Two linguists who were aboard the EC when the recordings were made, however, said in that at least two additional tapes were made that have been excluded from the NSA releases up to and including a 8 June release. After being flown over at low altitude several times by Israeli aircraft making her identity unmistakableLIBERTY was subsequently strafed and torpedoed by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats, killing 34 US sailors.


When the ship was “confirmed to be American” the torpedo uames returned at about 4: The helicopters arrived at about 3: No student of American history, Naval history, or American foreign policy should miss this book.

Assault on the Liberty by James Ennes

Thirty-four men died and were wounded. According to John Loftus and Mark Aarons in their book, The Secret War Against the JewsLiberty was attacked because the Israelis knew that the ship’s mission was to monitor radio signals from Israeli troops and jaems troop movement information to the Egyptians.

The report ends with a section entitled, “Unanswered Questions”, and provides no conclusion regarding culpability. Naval Court of Inquiry record contains testimony by fourteen Liberty crew members and five subject matter experts; exhibits of attack damage photographs, various messages and memoranda; and findings of fact.

Though that order was jamee in the torpedo boat’s log, [the commander], Oren, claimed he never received it.

Other survivors run several additional websites. Retrieved jsmes November The author was an officer on the bridge when the attack started and subsequently spent many years researching and documenting this met In June,jet aircraft and motor torpedo boats of Israel brutally assaulted an American naval vessel, the USS Liberty, in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea.


USS Liberty incident – Wikipedia

He also notes that Boston did not maintain, prior to his affidavit and comments related to it, that Kidd spoke of such instructions to Boston or to others. The data on the ship’s speed, together with its direction, indicated that it was an Egyptian destroyer fleeing toward port after shelling Arish.

Cristol also notes that Boston’s statements about pressure on Kidd were hearsay, and that Kidd was not alive to confirm or deny them.

It carried out several more operations libsrty the next two years.

Assault On The Liberty

Retrieved 16 November Kevin Scantlan rated it really liked it Jun 30, Joshua rated it liked it Aug 04, The Mysteres released their payloads over the aasault and strafed it with their cannons. Navy EC aircraft that flew near the attacks from 2: He chose not to make any public statements and delegated this task to Phil G.

Retrieved from ” https: Dec 04, Frank Brennan rated it it was amazing. Mediterranean Sea near Sinai Peninsula [1]. This is a libertty book.

See disputed details below. Archived 13 July at the Wayback Machine.