Smith continues the saga of the Courtney family of Africa begun in with When the Lion Feeds. In this installment, Leon Courtney, ladies’. Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the master of the historical novel. Now, in Assegai he takes readers on an unforgettable African adventure set. Assegai (Courtney Family Adventures) [Wilbur Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the.

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On Leopard Rock Admittedly this was my first Wilbur Smith novel but I was thoroughly impressed. A lot can turn rotten, but somehow it never quite does.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Leon had never sought fame, but an expedition alongside U. Although I will say, I really can’t stand the thought of what colonialism has doneand those it has killed, so already I had that in the back of my mind the entire book. Set amidst the tensions that will spark a war across continents, “Assegai” delivers the fast-paced action and vivid history that has made Wilbur Smith an internationally bestselling author.

Evil German mastermind with a bloodthirsty appetite and spoiler alert a fake hand that is a mace, flying to cause havoc in a zeppelin.

Eva and Otto later use the safari to meet with Koos de la Reyin which Otto agrees to support a Boer coup in South Africa, an act that would destabilize British power in the continent. I couldn’t quite lose myself in this book, but I know it was only due to the descript Leon Courtney is the protagonist in this Assegai, number thirteen in assegsi Courtney family series.

We also agreed that he should stick with what he knows – Africa- and leave the romantic relationships out of the story. During the period of the Nandi ResistanceLeon saves the life of Manyoro, one of his Maasai soldiers from a Nandi ambush, for which he is adopted as a son by Manyoro’s mother Lusima, a shaman among the Maasai with powers of divination.

It is and Leon Courtney, an ex-soldier turned professional hunter in British East Africa, guides the rich and powerful from America and Europe on big-game safaris. And he outran the bad guys while carrying his dying friend on his back for about 30 miles through the Assefai where a hot, half-naked-mother-figure-voodoo-lady healed them wlbur with magical potions and spells.


Sadly, this was not the case. The wildlife, the people, and landscapes all come to life as we follow Leon Courtney’s adventures leading up to World War I.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He wanted to prove himself to his dad and the world. Jul 25, Voldemort rated it it was ok Recommends it for: A rash decision finds Leon chastised by his uncle and von Wellberg sent back to Europe with an injured von Meerbach. In the beginning I almost believed it, because assegxi seemed to have an arc. I found it bizarre that Leon has no problem killing animals and committing adultery, but when given an opportunity to kill or sjith the lion do the job wilbkr main antagonist he suddenly has a conscience the size of Africa.

Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. It has 3 foot long razor sharp metal blade attached to a hardwood shaft to form a deadly spear.

The Courtney Series: The Assegai Trilogy

This was an okay read in some ways when it came to the panoramic tour of 20th century Africa that it offered. Ilove stories about Africa and I was so looking forward to reading this. Leon gets a lobotomy. Mar 15, Faith Mortimer rated it really liked it.

I listened to the audio book and Simon Vance does an outstanding job with this wilbu. As the action unfolds in the years before and during the First World War, Assegai throws light on the historical sideshow that wilvur the struggle between German and British colonial forces in that theater so many thousands of miles from the Somme and the Argonne. Price may vary by retailer. It’s the details of the hunt and wildlife that wilbru truly entrancing about the book. People slaughtered animals so easily just for the heck of it and none of them had an itsy bitsy remorse for what they had done, this way molding them into ugly disgusting heartless caricatures.

So what wibur his mind is stuck in the 19th centuty and wiblur is prone to wild hyperboles? Did he die and is someone, possibly his grandmother, writing on his behalf? I had forgotten how much fun a Wilbur Smith book can be.


But how easy will he find his task when his true enemy is closer to home than Leon ever expected? Something to look out for in the second hand book Ah, Wilbur Smith is one of those writers I have avoided for some reason. Assegai is a consummate feast of a story that is rich in vivid description. The other characters in the story are also well crafted to keep things interesting. Aug 06, Mal Warwick rated it really liked it Shelves: Asinine would be more accurate Even so, I read th Wilbur took a Rest!

Smitn mother is a rather “unique” person among the Maasai.

I know it will be great! More than a few times our Courtney eilbur gets so damn lucky one has to wonder why Smith even bothered to include the scene at all.

Leon Courtney – the perfect specimen over 6 foot, hunk, fantastic lover and amazing with his gun nopun intended honest. Assegai is one of the 13 novels in the saga of the Courtney family, which spans the five hundred years beginning in the s. This is particularly egregious because the laws of physics qssegai that the same force was applied to the shooter, who is not thrown back.

Views Read Edit View history. He finds himself left alone to frustrate von Meerbach’s plan, and in grave peril as he learns more about the enigmatic Eva.

Assegai | Book by Wilbur Smith | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I have read all his books so know the man’s talent. The author takes the reader into British East Africa of a years ago. Assegai took its sweet time to get going, building Leon’s background, as a military man and hunting guide, so that we could understand his final phase or “form” in the last act was important to the story but it was a bit too long for me.

The events in the asxegai are linked to and precede the outbreak of World War One. Assegai as’-uh-guy is by far my favorite Wilbur Smith book.