Criptografia si securitatea retelelor de calculatoare cu aplicatii in C si Pascal Tanase (+); Atelier de programare in retele de calculatoare — Sorin Buraga. by Gabriel Ciobanu · Atelier de programare in retele de calculatoare. Bookmark. by Gabriel Ciobanu · Encodings of multisets. Bookmark. by Gabriel Ciobanu. Mijloace de interacţiune om-calculator neconvenţională. Consideraţii generale şi studii Atelier de programare in retele de calculatoaremore. by Sabin Buraga.

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Institute of Computer Science

Bejinariu – Editarea asistata de calculator a atlaselor lingvistice si a textelor dialectale 7. Nottingham, UK, Dec O. P-System Software Simulator; G.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. A Systematic Approach The main topics of these volumes cover Web technologies — e. Analele stiintifice ale Universitatii “Al. Moruz – Simulation and prediction of Progdamare cell responses Among others, the text describes various aspects of metadata and ontology annotations and practical utilizations, giving details about the specification via XML Extensible Markup Language of spatial-temporal relationships between resources available on Web.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Architecture of WWW space. A new tools for human resource management in e-business: Professional Solutions of Implementation Situri Programage la cheie.


Romanian Academy – Iasi Subsidiary | Institute of Computer Science –

The volume presents most important tendencies in data using, designing, processing, and conceptualization via actual XML Extensible Markup Language technologies. Although a widely used method, little progress has been made Sevastopol, Russia, SepG. Programarea bazata pe reguli, autor D. The Great Book of Amber: Zegan, Editura Cantes, Iasi, Fuzzy Systems in Economy and Engineering, editori Al.

Brudaru, Casa de Editura Venus 8. Foundations and Applications Semantic Web. Radu – Using Uncertainty in Decision Making Rotariu – Automatic handwriting analysis a frame for objective evaluation of neuro-motor disorder Vol 4, Nr.

Buhusi Fuzzy Image Processing 7. Vlcu, Editura TehnoPres, Microsistem pentru achizitia de imagini cu procesorul Z brevet de inventie OSIM Cross-compilator pentru procesorul Z Interpreter si compilator Prolog n C Algoritmi de parsare context-free pentru limbaje de programare si limbaje naturale Microcalculator cu procesorul compatibil IBM-XT Software pentru controlul de calitate prin analiza imaginilor microscopice; Software pentru comanda robotilor industriali Microsisteme dedicate pentru analiza vibratiilor Software pentru un analizor cromatografic n cadrul institutului a existat din un puternic nucleu de cercetare fundamentala n sisteme fuzzy si inteligenta artificiala I.

It has integrated many important instruments and references to online informations, making it easy for the users to have a proper development environment without any hassle.


Abstract In this article we are presenting a technique of developing e-learning grid services by using the OntoGrid infrastructure, which add to the current OGSA architecture the facilities for ontology accessing.

Rotaru Analiza imaginilor satelitare pentru administrarea teritoriului 8. The multiple ways in which we rely on the information calculatorae on the web to solve increasingly more tasks encountered in everyday life has led to the question whether machines can assist us to parse the amounts of data and bring the Algebraic Engineering, World Scientific, editori C.

Ciobanu A molecular abstract machine Jain, CRC Press 9.

Grigoras – Identificarea regimurilor turbulente prin sincronizarea haosului VolNr. Kandel – Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 9. Algoritmi sistolici proiectare si aplicatii, editori O.

Laboratoare de Analize Medicale – de Analize Medicale. Words, Sequences, Languages, editori C. Legacy of the Force – Inferno Star Wars: