Latin Name: Atta sexdens. Trivialname: Leafcutterant. Taxonomy: Subfamily: Myrmicinae Tribe: Attini. Keeping Level: (3) through their large Space- and. Atta sexdens, along with A. cephalotes, is the most widespread member of its genus. Its northern most range is Mexico, and extends through Central America. Atta sexdens: leafcutter ant: cubic feet), a colony of A. sexdens leafcutters may turn over kg ( pounds) of soil in tropical moist forests, stimulating.

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A mature colony contains 5—8 million workers. Rusty brown color, blacked Gaster. This process takes 40—60 days. Atta sexdens and Atta cephalotes are the principal insect pests where they are found, destroying billions of dollars worth sexden crops with their ability to quickly defoliate and strip crops of anything useful to the ants. Thorax length 5, 75 mm.

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Pubescence on sparse, abundant pronotum. Postpetiole keeled, width 1, 3 mm, length 0, 8 mm. United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The queen herself eats nothing during this period, sustaining herself on fat deposits and her shrinking flight muscles.

Among intercepted attines, the species is most readily confused with A. The New York TimesAug 3: The resulting larvae eat the ants alive. However, a mature colony of several million workers faces very few dangers. These results support the hypothesis of information transfer, according to which the worker needs to return to the nest at the beginning of foraging to transfer information to other workers and thus to establish the process of worker ant foraging.

The species has a wider tolerance for nest habitats, and is found in closed-canopy-forest, open grassland and disturbed habitats Solomon, ; Weber, The fungus provides different types of nutrition to the ants, and the ants feed the fungus and protect it from parasitic fungi genus Escovopsis.


The 4 Mesonotal zaehne short, the front conical. Forager ants search for adequate food sources in nature and, after their discovery, they decide whether the source is suitable or not for the colony. Three to four weeks after being laid, the egg hatches and a larva emerges. Vibration and Animal Communicaton: American ZoologistVol 41, Issue 5: Rather than eat the fungus, she lives on her own fat reserves, eggs, and her wing muscles which she won’t need anymore.

Wilson, ; Wirth, et al. In fact, Atta ants are considered the primary herbivorous pest in many areas where they are found. To answer this question, we evaluated the distance traveled by individual workers in the search of food and the distance traveled to return to the nest, as well as the time and velocity necessary for these activities.

Those colonies that do survive, as a whole, live about as long as their queens do, which is years. No one atfa is likely able to produce enough sperm, so it is likely that the female mates with three to eight individuals during her revoada. Mandibles, clypeus and sxedens shiny.

All female eggs are identical when laid. The movement of leaves and waste and the construction of new canals by colonies of A.

Head width 5 mm, sides converging towards the front, rear edge bulges gently. After the number of workers reaches 5—8 million, the colony stops expanding and diverts resources into producing queens and males. The speed at which they do this is equivalent, in human terms, of running a four-minute mile with a kilogram weight strapped to their back. In other words, Central and South America.


A shortage of one caste causes the workers to produce more ants of that caste. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. The mated queen lands on the ground and tears off her now-unnecessary wings. After finding a suitable spot to build her nest and colony, the queen burrows into the ground and creates her first chamber, where she lays her first set of eggs and places the fragment of the fungus garden that she took from her old colony.

Atta sexdens

The colonies contain up to chambers with a combined volume of more than 20 m 3. Many ants, at the first sign of the infection, afta abandon the crop and try to get the uninfected crop elsewhere in the colony.

Views Read View source View history. Epinotum over the base of the short teeth, with swelling. The next size up, they have an average head width of 1. Views Read Edit View history.

Atta sexdens – AntWiki

Epiphytes and climbing plants are also abundant. Senior synonym of Atta sexdentata: Mandibles, clypeus, scape and legs shiny. The gardener-nurse caste takes care of the cultivation, transplanting fungus onto fresh substrate and weeding out wrong species of fungus, such as a attaa Escovopsis secdens, which sometimes can contaminate nests.

These nurses feed the larvae with trophic eggs and fungus, sometimes by regurgitation. When the queen goes on her mating flight, called the revoada, she needs to obtain enough sperm to last her entire lifespan.