Bibliography. Copyright © Narinder Singh Sall “Brief Biological Sketch of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji”. Retrieved from. (c) Gyani Nahar Singh’s Preface PUBLISHER’S NOTE The first edition of ‘Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh’ was published in the year. Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh. by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Author) Language The History and the Compilation of Dasam Granth. Language: English.

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In the following May there was another bomb outrage in which Basant Kumar was one of the principal accused in Lahore. It embraced everything in its irresistible chain.

Bai Varan, Bhagat Bani. Bhai Randhir Singh sent a reply to the Maharaja saying that when it is Maharaja’s turn to be interned, he will know what prison is, and he will know how one feels when he is well looked after in prison.

In a dream vision the Guru comforted him saying “I will save you. It is for theological historians and mystics to judge after careful analyses and study, whether the mystic experiences of Bhai Randhir Singh present a clear testimony of divine revelation or not. Some of them had come back at autobjography and told him the whole story. It was said that after the British occupation such a representative and large gathering had never been held before.

A resolution was passed that a strong agitation would be launched, to prevent desecration of the historical temple.

Pitman was the Prosecuting Officer. They believed in the fantastic illusion that if they could set fire to one British regimental centre the whole country will be ablaze with revolutionary passion. On this the assembly confirmed the resolution of the Autobiogrsphy Diwan of May 30, Harnam Singh Tundi Lat accompanied him armed with loaded revolvers.

Nand Singh Seehra had met the Viceroy of India to help the Indians in their difficulties but their pleas were ignored and rejected. June 17, given by Giani Nahar Singh in the appendix to the Punjabi edition of the Autobiography is incorrect. I had such experiences and intimations of immor- tality from childhood.

He asked Bhai Randhir Singh to address the students.

The Chief Khalsa Diwan for the first time felt that it had lost hold on the minds and hearts of the Sikh masses both autobiograpyy the urban and rural areas. Even after reaching India they failed to assess the political climate of the country. He inherited or qualities of the head from his father and the qualities of the heart from his mother.


This was how irrelevent facts against Bhai Randhir Singh were presented and answered when questioned. The revolutionaries came like a bolt from the blue.

He died in British Prison. Officer in plain clothes about the changed date.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

Addressing a meeting he said that all those who opposed the British Government and helped the Ghadarites were not Sikhs. They considered it simpler, easier and exciting, but it proved very dangerous and harmful to their singy and an utter failure in achieving the high purpose. I once expressed the opinion that everyone could not be a mountaineer and every mountaineer could not touch the Hima- layan peaks of spiritual exaltation.

He inwardly felt it to be his mission and ordained destiny to choose the lonely path of self-consecration, to wake up his country from her ataraxy and organize the people for an all-round struggle for religious and political freedom. Day February 19, Each Prisoner was surrounded by two armed policemen.

Full text of “Autobiography Of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh”

He was soon promoted and made Canal Nazim and then aNazim. Augustine has said, “Justice being taken away, then what are kingdoms, but great robberies. About an hour after they had 9. What happened after the baptism and how was the confusion in the mind of Bhai Randhir Singh about the Divine Name created has been vividly described by him in Chapter II of this book.

Due to pressing demand of the readers, we have however, been obliged to bring out the second edition with appropriate revision of the text by the learned translator without his proposed additional material. In practice, we stumble and fall, but the choice one makes must be unconditional. He gave unstinted support to this Revolutionary movement without getting involved in their loot and plunder campaigns.

The entire work, however, should be entrusted to a Managing Committee of Sikhs who should be helped by the Government financially for the purpose.


I have gone through the torture of reading many extracts. These conditions improved greatly during Gandhi-Nehru era.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji –

While they wanted to train the students in timidity, treachery, and betrayal of national causes in the name of loyalty to the benevolent British Sarkar, Bhai Randhir Singh inspired them with most revolutionary ideas of freedom, nobility and justice as dingh by Guru Gobind Singh.

The Punjabi equivalent of legal dandhir are felicitous and the style is marked by perspicuity. After the collapse of the Sikh empire, a number of dedicated souls rose to revive and restore the true spirit of Sikhism. Nor could they carry out any reforms in the historical Sikh temples, which the Mahants priests started treating as their hereditary property.

This was sijgh the passing of Defence Act of India. Somehow ice alone saved the life of all the boys. The Spirit and Personality of Sikhs He never kept any money with him.

Home Political Proceedings- May 18, Deposit. Bhai Randhir Singh’s experiences with the Chief Khalsa Diwan Management convinced him that this organization which had at that time considerable hold on urban Singh Sabhas could never lead the Sikh masses in any positive direction, nor could the aristocrats leading the Sikh community ever come out of their ivory towers of luxurious mansions and the mental prisons of unstinted loyalty to British Imperialism, to lead the masses at any critical juncture.

He was given charge of bombs and ammunition and revolutionary literature. Have faith in His saving grace”. That is why he did not accept the overall leadership of the Ghadar movement. The author deserves the hearty thanks of the Puiyabi speaking people and the State is to be congratulated on securing the services of such a learned man for such an important and difficult task.

Autboiography fellow-students wrote to my father that I had suddenly developed a religious madness and was neglecting studies ; so someone should come and take care of me.