rest of the site plan. Can I get IMAGECLIP to clip around curves? By eveofdestruction in forum AutoCAD Civil 3D – Alignments. Replies: 3. » 25 years of AutoCAD LT ·» Bricsys Conference – London ·» Bricsys acquired Tech > Wipeout or Image Clip using a Circle or Spline. By Xiaodong Liang Issue I can set image’s clip by AcadRasterImage. ClipBoundary, but how do I get the AcadRasterImage’s clip boundary.

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Might not be the answer ur looking for but you could insert the image into model space and create a view in paperspace for the vicinity map. Draft quality displays only the image pixels. You autoxad also use grips to resize or scale an image. Although it is quite nice to work with true colour images, it is not essential.

It certainly makes working with images a lot quicker. The effect of the two quality modes can be seen in the close-up of a scanned map image, above. For most purposes, deselect the “Retain Path” checkbox. You should now see the familiar Select Image Imageclp dialogue box.

imageclip with curves?

While you have been working with images, you may have noticed that they often don’t look quite as good when displayed in AutoCAD as they did when viewed in other applications. AutoCAD is essentially a vector drawing application. This works fine providing both the drawing file and the image file remain in imsgeclip same place.

The Image dialogue box displays and allows you to set various parameters that determine how the image will be attached. However, you can apply different clips to different instances of an image.


The important thing to remember about images and the thing that causes most confusion amongst novice users is that they are not actually inserted into a drawing as the “Insert” pull-down menu might suggest. Actually, you can also make changes to the image after it has been attached. As you can see from the image on the right, you autoccad also use the Properties Window to change the scale, position and rotation of the image. However, if you want your hatch to look uniform, imagexlip will need to use an image that will tile seamlessly rather like the imagecip that you use for your Windows wallpaper.

Notice that the image frame is still visible. The only way to remove all instances of omageclip particular image and to stop AutoCAD searching for the image is to detach it. We’ve established a quality community of surveying friends, mentors and enthusiasts, where we can all hang out, chat and have some fun sharing our experiences and helping each other. The speckled effect is known as dithering and it happens when an application uses too few colours to accurately display an image.

AutoCAD Command imageclip

For the moment, just click on the “Image…” button. You could also use raster images in place of vector symbols to add realism or personality to a drawing. When a clipping boundary has been applied to an image, selecting the image causes grips to appear at the clipping boundary vertices as opposed to the actual image imagedlip.


You can demonstrate this by placing an image over a solid hatch and then fading it. i,ageclip

Wipeout or Image Clip using a Circle or Spline

There are a number of reasons why you may want to unload an image. You cannot, however, use Splines although you can use splined polylines. The images below show the effects of various brightness, contrast and fade settings. The “Details…” button displays a dialogue box showing all relevant information about a particular image. Other settings can be left to their default state.

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There are pros and cons to this method. When an image is unloaded, autoocad boundary remains visible in the drawing. You can use the “Reset” button to reset all image settings to their default imagecclip. When you do this, the image frame remains visible providing frames are on so you can still see the image position and scale. You will need to use the Image Manager to do autoad.

When the polygon is completed, any pixels outside of the polygon area are hidden. Selecting visible objects for boundary detection RPLS Today is a peer-to-peer platform providing news, information, and community-based support for Land Surveyors and Geomatics Professionals all over the world.

Unloading an image, removes the image from the drawing but AutoCAD remembers any position scaling and clipping information.