The “Ethics of Emergencies” is an essay published in “The Virtue of Selfishness.” It addresses two main issues: how to think about ethical problems, and when. The first is that this chapter was not written by Ayn Rand. Usually, this would not be especially important, since she did include it in the book. 1 Tara Smith, Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist (New York: . Rand’s essay “The Ethics of Emergencies”13 as discussing “the status of rights.

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Ethics of Emergencies

Why is Dominique so destructive? I have tried you! Things that make you go “Mmmm”. The essential thing to notice here is that this dichotomy is present here at the start. This is precisely the subjectivism that Rand decries in her introduction and chapter 1. But I think that you can keep teaching Ayn Rand and objectivism to people for the next 5 billion years on this earth and they will still not agree with you because they don’t want to!

Your behavior in emergency situations is going to be different from your day to day events, precisely because the context is so different. In order to live, you have to sacrifice someone else.


Click here to sign up. But your commentary doesn’t give me any perspective I lacked. What if one lives under a dictatorship for a lifetime?

There’s a few variants, but essentially the story is that you’re stuck on a lifeboat with some other people, and there’s not enough water for everyone to survive the trip to shore. We’ve a Universe of challange to cope with by the instrument of our philosophy. There may be a disharmony of interests, or it may be impossible to maintain your life by your own effort, for example. I’m ready for peace AND I’m ready for war. Penguin,p.

Ayn Rand: The Ethics of Emergencies

This does not mean a double standard of morality: Dutton,p. Predicate your philosophy on a Universe of peace and calm without emergencjes in hell and chaos? This, again, is subjectivism.

It is precisely the constitutive dimension of egoistic friendship that Cullyer points to as causing a shift from individualistic egoism to a deeply social self. It is important to differentiate between the rules of conduct in an emergency situation and the rules of conduct in the normal conditions of human existence. Rand concluded that “No exact, objective morality can be prescribed for an issue where a man’s life is endangered”. Cambridge University Press, All things are contained in philosophy, all men in the philosopher.


While not as extensive as it might have been, this effort enters into a somewhat Millian spirit of discussion. Rand explains that for men hit by an emergency, “their only task is to return to those conditions under which their lives can continue”.

I am not sure who would argue with this. If we assume generally empathetic and good people are Objectivists, then her ethics is probably largely practically indistinguishable from most other moral systems, because empathetic people will already include the plight of others into their interests.

This sounds, to me, like love being based on whether the object of said feeling happens to have the amazing characteristics I have. These questions about emergency situations shed light on an important issue – the way in which moral principles are abstracted from reality.

This is for two reasons. Rans – April 13, She makes me ill. In that case, onto chapter 3: I find that this essay contradicts the rest of the philosophy.