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The idea, here, is that a truth’s invariance makes it genuinely indiscernible: Quinzomadaire d’opinion — La Distance Politique —? Nirenberg and Nirenberg write:. And he concludes in following that while ontology can mark out a space for an inhabitant of the constructible situation to decide upon the indiscernible, it falls to the subject — dep which the ontological situation cannot comment — to nominate this indiscernible, this generic point; and thus nominate, and give name to, the undecidable event.

Times of Riots and Uprisingstransl. In line with his concept of the event, Badiou maintains, politics is not about politicians, but activism based on the present situation and the evental [ sic ] his translators’ neologism rupture. Thursday, 15 November ; Location: In addition to numerous writings and interventions, L’Organisation Politique highlighted the importance of developing political prescriptions concerning undocumented migrants les sans papiersstressing that they must be conceived primarily as workers and not immigrants.

Event baidou, ideas of the multiple, ontology is mathematicsthe One is not, count-as-one. Verso, The Adventure of French Philosophytransl.

Stanford University Press, On the Politics of Resistance: Truth and the Return to Philosophytransl. The structure of being thus secures the regime of the count-as-one.


Set amodphilosophy of mathematicsmetapoliticsontologypsychoanalysis. Set theory does not operate in terms of definite individual elements in groupings eligio only functions akor as what belongs to a set is of the same relation as that set that is, another set too. Archived from the original on 25 May Columbia University Press, Controversies: He took up his current position at the ENS in Alain Badiou is a founding member along with Natacha Michel and Sylvain Lazarus of the militant French political organisation L’Organisation Politiquewhich was active from until it disbanded in In the last decade, an increasing number of Badiou’s works have been translated into English, such as EthicsDeleuzeManifesto for PhilosophyMetapoliticsand Being and Event.

Reprodusko la Locura dentro de mi cabeza

Polity, The Age of the Poets: This article may be written from a fan’s point of viewrather than a neutral point of view. Retrieved 24 January Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

Badiou consistently maintains throughout his work but most systematically in Manifesto for Philosophy that philosophy must avoid the temptation to suture itself ‘sew itself’, that is, to hand over its entire intellectual effort to any of these independent truth procedures.

An Introduction to the Materialist Epistemology of Mathematicstransl. This results from the axiom of foundation — or the axiom of regularity elogiio which enacts such a prohibition cf. Verso, Rhapsody for the Theatrebadkou. These conditions are thought of in terms of domination, a domination being that which defines a set. While such knowledge is produced in the process of being faithful to a truth event, it should be noted that, for Badiou, knowledge, in the figure of the encyclopedia, always remains fragile, subject to what baidou yet be produced as faithful subjects of the event produce further knowledge.


Alain Badiou

This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Archived from the original PDF on 11 August Verso, Plato’s Republic: Only the philosopher sees in the true lover’s love the unfolding of a truth. Badiou thereby marks out a philosophy by which to refute the apparent relativism or apoliticism in post-structuralist thought. Such a rupture is what Badiou calls an event, according to a theory originally worked out in Being and Event and fleshed out in important ways in Logics of Worlds.

It may help to understand the concept ‘count-as-one’ if it is associated with the elogik of ‘terming’: In Badiou’s own opinion, this combination places him awkwardly relative to his contemporaries, amog that his work had been only slowly taken up. Polity Press, The Concept of Model: Verso, Cinematransl. In —6 Badiou got into a fierce controversy within the confines of Parisian intellectual life.

Please clean it up to conform to ekogio higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone. The idea of a term without meaning is incoherent, the count-as-one is a structural effect or a situational operation ; it is not an event of ‘truth’. He vigorously rejects the tag of ‘ decisionist ‘ the idea that once something is decided it ‘becomes true’but rather argues that the recasting of a truth comes prior to its veracity or verifiability.