The Royal Museum (Old Istana Negara), Kuala Lumpur Picture: balai rong seri, the imperial hall with the throne – Check out TripAdvisor. Picture of Balai Rong Seri of Istana Negara, Royal Museum, Malaysia. The hall was used for official and customary functions include ceremonial occasions of. Balairong Seri. Building. Kuala Kangsar. Save. Share. Tips · Photos 1. Balairong Seri. No tips and reviews. Log in to leave a tip here. Post.

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Promotion is crucial part of marketing mix.

The enhancement of the museum into an balariong museum concept is significant as one of heritage tourism attractions in Malaysia. They showcase their enthronement as part of activity in the palace as well. Setting A will be in front of courtyard which will have a palace as a background view.

For promotion strategies, beside the usage of DMOs and TAs, the museum also will promote through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.

Enhancement based on heritage and historical value preservation, as well as commercially sustainable approach can generate tourism expenditures and educational resources. Sweatshirts and sweatpants, wind-cheaters, pajamas and fisherman trousers 3.

Balai Rong Seri of Istana Negara, Royal Museum, Malaysia. Lumpur, palace.

Dewan Mengadap is where the King received honored guests such as head of states or balairon dignitaries, Bilik Seei, Bilik Menteri and Bilik Permaisuri. Therefore, well implementation and execution of the event should be taken seriously to ensure it looks smooth and flawless in order to preserve the ceremony itself as well as the image serl our Malay monarchy.

Royal feast dinner which is a pre arrange activities which tourists may experience on how Malay Rulers dine in with a royal and traditional food. Only on it opens to public for a Royal Museum. Shorts, miniskirts, tight fitting trousers, and tight 2. The atmosphere will be different if these items are exhibited. Furthermore, the activities, services and facilities augmentation in the museum will hopefully create awareness and recognition of The Royal Legacy in the minds of the local communities and international visitors.

Tuesday, Thursday and Weekend Saturday and Sunday are the day of ceremony that will be undertaken. Balaironv added facility that can be done in this center is providing video with narrator to make it more interactive. Currently, they have temporary exhibition from Nov 8, — Jan 19,however, the partition that used for display the information of our royalties was not strategically located.


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Sleeveless shirts or vests 4. It is the official head of state of Malaysia’s resident, opened in and replaced the old palace. New destination like this, indirectly allow boosting up tourist receipt. This ceremony definitely will attract local and international tourist to visit the museum.

Museum convenience store design for to ease visitors and tourist for shop all our interactive royal museum merchandise.

However, for royal inauguration enact, which only perform on Tuesday, Thursday and weekend, thus, there is extra fees will be imposed, where by Malaysian will need to add another RM 10 and for foreigner RM 30, for those who are interested to experience it. The objective is to exhibit information with regards to the enthronement procedure, protocol as well as the ritual from start till end. Other than that, the palace also consist a few types of rooms such as balairing most important is Balairong Seri which is throne room of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and only used for official and customary functions.

This event set-up will be planned as it is the real ceremony with appropriate props, equipment and balwirong to acquire people or visitor experience the excitement during enthronement. Help Center Find new research papers in: Props and costumes also part of equipment that they can provide to ensure the successful of balakrong activities as both are one of main element in cultural performances. Last but not least setting E is at the pool side. However, the museum itself will have crowd control team to ensure the carrying capacity in Balairong Seri is well taken care of.

In terms of execution of the event, museum management may work together with Istana Negara Department to enact all the accurate procedure and protocol, National Heritage Department for costume and Malay music instrument such as Nobat, as well as National Culture Department in providing actor and actress for the ceremony. If the problem persists, let us know.

This can be display by chronology since the first royalties stay at the palace and become the first King of Malaysia. Most of widely use of international language can be select from the decoder before listen it. They are required to dress appropriately. This performance will be held daily with three different durations to cater morning, noon and afternoon tourist.


Vertorama Inside Balairong Seri, Istana Negara | Mohd Abdul Syafiq | Flickr

In addition, the report also show a number of agencies, either public or private sectors, that will play significant roles in ensuring that the project can be execute brilliantly and in turn will succeed in showcasing the united front of the people in focusing towards the same goals of achieving the target of the tourists arrival and at the same time increasing the tourist receipts.

Already have an account? The uniqueness of the ceremony need to preserve well in order to make new generation and international understand the beauty of it.

The video will attached together with headset for interactive information with multiple language capability which include English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. These following clothes are strictly not allowed as outer garments for both ladies and gentlemen: In here, there is division of area which royal inauguration enact will be done for the visitors to enjoy and experience it at maximum satisfaction.

Thus, each selected day has two sessions; morning at 10amam and afternoon at 3pm-4pm. Entrance ticket will be charge separately upon walk-in.

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There will be few seating arrangement that customer or client may choose from. ERoyal Inauguration is about paraphernalia of king-making, were chosen to reinforce the legitimacy and credibility of the candidate by reference to the historical and mythological associations of the sites and props. Thus, from that point of view, some innovation actions of old palace will turn the palace into an interactive royal museum as a serl tourist destination.

The products include both the physical products as well as services offered by the museum with the attached price tag for some of the products that imposed eeri fees.