Battlefleet Koronus, the foregoing marks’ respective logos, Rogue Trader, and all .. rules on page of the Rogue TRadeR core rulebook. The powerful Gothic class Cruiser is a familiar sight throughout the Imperium and has a presence. What about a Rogue Trader game mode where you lead a scondrel or a pious rogue trader with a Letter of Marque to expand the reach of the. Rogue Trader fleets on the tabletop game used standard Imperial Navy vessels in addition to their own refitted and customized vessels.

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So I was poking around the Lexicanum an excellent source for Warhammer rulse lore wh40k. These charters are very valuable and give its owner great leeway. I doubt that the Imperium would let you run off with a battleship. They cost unbelievable amounts of resources to keep up and their use for traders pretty limited. These sort of things require a ship that is the equal Imperial Naval vessel. But in RT you need to combine lance with another bwttlefleet to be effective.

Rules for Rogue Traders Powers of Chaos: Warships, especially large warships are, as any secretary of defense or commerce could tell you, just huge blackholes for cash and profit. The project is still development at this very website. It contains the following PDF’s: All of which is not to say that the PCs can’t build a poorly armed rrader vessel designed for trade.

If the Kroot and Demiurg are included with the Tau, then they too can make an appearance. Together, these manuals practically form an intermediate edition of the Warhammer 40, rules, between Rogue Trader and 2nd edition.

Assuming you had the SP points which is questionable. I’m not sure how a ship described as a “raider” is an armed mechant vessel, or how a sword frigate some how becomes an armed merchant when it’s owned by an RT? When encountering new alien species, the Rogue Trader is very much a separate organisation from the Imperium, so they must decide how to react to these new creatures.


I wasn’t stating that Rogue Hothic vessels are all, without exception, less capable militarily than those of the Imperial Navy, merely that they’ve got considerable potential to be different. Some Rogue Traders gthic as mercenaries, renting the service of their ship s.

Some are mainly merchants, others are intrepid explorers, and a few are little better than pirates. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Yes, they are armed, but true warships with the sole purpose of combat usually are much more heavily armed and more specialized for combat.

Concerning Alternate Ship Hulls – Rogue Trader Rules Questions – FFG Community

I described what each and everything is. The gameplay of Warhammer 40, That isn’t a matter for dispute, nor is it something anyone on this thread has ever attempted to argue. If they are only useful for their technology or material wealth then they may be raided, the trader returning to Terra laden with rich goods and undreamt of technology.

Here you find all PDF’s originating from the v1.

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

I’m pretty sure, FFG will present us soon with some starship compendium for rouge trader, including lots of ships and components and all ruels nice stuff we would love to know about starships. Articles needing battllefleet references from March All articles needing additional references Pages using deprecated image syntax. Also not rhles warships have torps. Basically a democratic voted document. Some Rogue Traders are relatively poor, possessing a single ancient and dilapidated ship.

Having said that, one can assume that a renegade Rogue Trader guilty of heresy or treason will be severely prosecuted by the Inquisition. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. They cannot be re-appealed as according to Imperial law and Imperial religious dogma no one is empowered to overrule these persons.


February tules, The existence of a science fiction table top game in development by Games Workshop was made known through Citadel Journal in and Rogue Trader was officially released at Games Workshop’s annual Games Day event in October Mechanics Rogue Traders Admirals would be able to select ‘Partners’: Rogue Traders are flamboyant individuals; many are highly pious while others are no more than legitimized pirates.

Like many later incarnations, the Rogue Trader rulebook mostly contained what is often termed ‘fluff’ more properly referred to as ‘Lore’including the historical background of the Imperium and alien races. All times are UTC Top. Note that Merchant is last there. All rights reserved to their respective owners. I’ve made a load of background for my current rogue trader campaign and only one Rogue Trader in the Expanse has a battleship, its also described to my PCs as the “Biggest ship in the sector”.

In this setting, i would have to disagree: Unless of course you limit the PC’s initial profit factor or they start with a cruiser.

Rogue Traders

Well, it’s no longer a Light Cruiser when you use it, but you can field it now. Tactica’s will be for another place. Alternatively, if Grand Cruisers were implemented they can be used as the Battleship and Battlecruiser slots instead.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Years of testing and development led the current version 1.

The average PC group has a profit factor greater than an imperial noble.