The V. Rev. Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chair of the Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism and the publisher of AGAIN, was interviewed by the. More than just an apologia for becoming Eastern Orthodox, Peter Gillquist’s book is an important chapter in the history of American Evangelicalism. Gillquist. Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chair of the Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism and the publisher of AGAIN, was interviewed by the magazine.

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Be realistic, but dream a little. May 26, Brian rated it really liked it. What were gillquost goals? He attended the University of Minnesota where he received a B. God is continuing to bring people into His Holy Church. All of us were highly committed to evangelism, and yet in being on the pilgrimage we would change, we would accommodate what we were doing to make sure it was consistent with the historic Church, which meant we were in a fairly regular state of flux.

Gillquist and other EOC leaders traveled to Istanbul to meet with Patriarch Demetrios Gillquiwt of Constantinople but were unable to complete any substantial progress toward their goal.

What would be your greatest hope for the Orthodox Church in North America? For pfter number of reasons—a lack of education of the clergy in some of the old countries; the threat of enemies being present in the church; and the whole phenomenon of immigrants trying to communicate effectively in a new world—these factors and probably others have contributed to preaching getting the short end of the stick.

Thirdly, I would say Bible teaching-oriented sermons.

Once, in the s, as a student at the University of Minnesota, I was invited during the summer to be part of Campus Crusade Camp’s group of volunteers igllquist which time I briefly met Peter E. We are not Eastern! Their journey part the first part is interesting. He simply could not handle that it was anything more than a symbol.


Quotes from Becoming Oethodox Over the course of this text, he clearly lays out to the reader his experiences in dealing with what he assumes to be the more “ritualistic” as most Protestants claim form of Christianity.

We had them by the thousands. They found that the early Church was liturgical, retaining a Judaic structure of worship after the expulsion from the synagogues, and that it was built around the Eucharist, which was seen as gillwuist mere commemoration but as a true mystery of faith. This led the group to practice a more liturgical form of worship than in their previous evangelical background.

Tikhon were at the forefront of this movement. In other words, there is authority in the Church, and we are under those God has set in oversight over us, namely our bishops.

The norm is for the local parish to engage in evangelism, and then the fruit of that work becomes a part of the parish.

Then others left over fear. Gillquist does it in a manner that is very down to earth and easy to read. And again I think that is the single hardest thing for a modern-day Christian to learn. By the way, one other thing that will probably be encouraging becominf pastors and people.

Peter Gillquist – OrthodoxWiki

However, they had no personal experience with the Orthodox Church, which in the North America of the time was still seen as an ethnic conclave, in spite of a steady stream on individual conversions. Then, the Metropolitan of the Antiochian Orthodox Church in America invited them to enter under his guidance, and wished that they would all come in within only a few months. These things do not make a good context for aggressive, godly evangelism. In our parachurch days we were as committed to evangelism as any group of men I know.


Peter E. Gillquist

Jack Sparks, and Fr. If one wants a thorough, rigorous defense of key Orthodox practices, this book will disappoint you. What shocked us was the way the Orthodox worshipped. Besides that, I would just add one thing.

From Becoming Orthodox to Being Orthodox: AGAIN Interviews Fr. Peter Gillquist

While the Evangelical Church has done a better job today recovering biblical preaching, it must also reach back to the earlier liturgies of the Reformation which, with a few exceptions, were based on elements of the Sarum Rite and others.

I would say the greatest favor we can do to help those who are not Orthodox is to fully orthoddox this spiritual life.

This page was last edited on 4 Julyat God is continuing to bring people into His Holy Church. Anecdotally engaging but lacking in academic rigor and real depth. Becomlng time, they discovered that many of the exotic qualities of Orthodox Christianity, such as veneration of Mary and icons, and the liturgical use of incense, were entirely in keeping with the Gospel that gave them strength. How much of this was hype and how much was a genuine movement of the Holy Spirit?

Peter E. Gillquist – Wikipedia

They attended various offerings at Orthodox churches, met with Orthodox apologists such as the famed Fr Alexander Schmemann, and tried themselves to follow Orthodox traditions in their own worship. What do you hope to see when you get out?

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